How to market your tutoring business for free

7 ways to advertise your tutoring business in 5 minutes or less (Guerrilla Marketing)

Free tutoring business marketingMany people have dabbled in tutoring one subject or another, whether it is Math, English or Foreign language. In the last 20 years things have come a long way from putting an ad up on craigslist or taping a flier to a phone pole. Many tutors will take advantage of the effort and investment tutoring referall agencies have put in to attract clients. If you are just starting out as a tutor, or even if you have been tutoring for many years, consider some of the following ways to advertise your independent tutoring business. The following list was compiled from some of the many techniques Strommen uses to Market services for free or for a nominal fee.

  1. Business Cards: This is a pretty old-school approach, but nothing beats a good old-fashioned business card with your contact info on it. People may ask you, “do you have a business card?” The easiest way to get one is on Vista print. At the time of publication you get 100 for $17 and free shipping here.
  2. Website: it seems like everyone has a website these days – which makes it hard to stand out from the crowd. Nothing says you are a professional like a simple tutoring website. We wrote a blog post on how to make a tutoring website here.
  3. Tutoring Flier Example
    Tutoring Flier Example

    Fliers: another old-school guerrilla marketing technique is to make a flier or postcard. The website Canva makes it easy (make an account, choose flier, select template, add your info and click export!) Vista print is a great place to order postcards, but anyone can make a good flier with word processing software. You can make tabs on the bottom, or even just a poster that has your business name (like Jacobs Math Tutoring) and you contact info. You can tape these up or ask stores if they have a bulletin board. See our example below (this literally took 3 minutes!)

  4. Post your services on free listing sites: There are also free listing sites and of course Craigslist is always a good spot if you are looking for clients, however you may get a lot of spammy and potentially fraudulent requests. Another good thing about working with an agency to promote you as a tutor is that we also vet our clients to some degree. For example, students will have to commit to paying before booking a tutoring session and that eliminates a lot of the hassle and possible flakiness.
  5. Social Media Profiles: We all know that people love social media (and some hate it!), but a great way to promote any tutoring business is with a Instagram account. Check out Strommen’s instagram account as an example.
  6. Facebook: Most of us have facebook accounts, so why not take it a step further and make a facebook page for your tutoring business. For example “Sara’s Italian Tutoring” with your contact info and phone. This type of page, like most social media profiles requires almost zero time to set up, but to make it successfully attract clients like Strommen’s it takes a lot of work!
  7. List your services on tutoring agency websites: There are many websites like Strømmen that allow you to post your services for tutoring (we think our small Boutique agency with a strong sense of community and a great deal for tutors – by the way you can start the process here). All of our tutors require past experience and they have all tried advertising. The benefit of using a company like Strommen is that you can take advantage or a long-standing reputation, client list and all the investment of time and money the agency has already done. For example, Strømmen give students peace of mind because they may worry about paying for lessons to someone they met on the internet. Strømmen has hundreds of five-star reviews , a professional office space (for the admin staff), awards from the house of representatives and the chamber of commerce, we also spend money every month for paid google ads, social media and more in an effort to help prospective students find our great tutors.


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