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Lights, Language, Action: The Best Italian Movies To Watch in 2024

Italian movies provide a fascinating glimpse into the rich tapestry of Italian culture, history, and language. Aside from their entertainment appeal, these cinematic jewels are wonderful resources for language learners looking to immerse themselves in the melodic cadence of Italian. 

In this blog post, we’ll look at how watching Italian films can not only enrich your cinematic experience but also help you learn the language. From timeless classics to current masterpieces, let’s explore the world of Italian film and find the greatest movies to watch for those looking to improve their language abilities while enjoying engaging storylines on screen.

Italian Movies To Watch in 2024

1. La vita davanti a sé (2020)

Sophia Loren plays as Madam Rosa, a Holocaust survivor who owns a brothel in Bari. When the little son of a Senegalese immigrant attempts to rob her, she takes him home and promises to look after him while his father is away. Even while Madam Rosa appears to make significant sacrifices for the boy at first, it soon becomes clear that he has much to offer her, particularly as Madam Rosa’s mental state deteriorates.

2. Sotto il sole di Riccione (2020)

This Italian movie, set on the beach, follows a group of youngsters who spend their summer in Riccione, a seaside resort town on Italy’s Adriatic coast. The film weaves together various love and friendship stories, with good quantities of heartache, drama, and tear-jerking romance.

This film also has a modern flair, as it integrates the phenomenon of social media and finding love through dating apps.

3. Lazzaro felice (2018)

It follows Lazzaro, a young farm laborer, as he befriends the estate manager in order to extort money from the owner. When Lazzaro jumps over a cliff and wakes up years later without having aged a day, the estate he recalls is significantly changed. 

4. Gli infedeli (2020)

“Gli infedeli” is a film about a group of men who are players, each with their own story of infidelity and relationship trouble. It’s a collection of vignettes, each with a distinct flavor. Some of the vignettes are dramatic and powerful, while others are sorrowful, and some contain humor. This film also has several well-known actors.

5. È stata la mano di Dio (2021)

Paolo Sorrentino directed this quiet coming-of-age picture set in Naples in the 1980s, which is based on his own personal experiences. It earned the Grand Jury Prize at the 78th Venice International Film Festival, among other accolades. 

6. L’incredibile storia dell’Isola delle Rose (2020)

This film is based on the genuine and unusual story of Giorgio Rosa, who practically constructed his own island off the coast of Rimini. Rosa began developing the island in 1958. His masterwork, more of a concrete platform than a traditional land-based island, took nearly a decade to build. Rosa, an engineer, angered the Italian government when he declared his island an independent state with its own ministers and Esperanto as the official language.

Let’s Watch Some Italian Movies!

In conclusion, delving into the world of Italian movies offers a multifaceted approach to language learning that is both enjoyable and effective.

Italian films offer an immersive experience that can substantially augment traditional language learning methods by utilizing storytelling, visual images, and authentic dialogue. Whether you’re drawn by the romance of vintage films or intrigued by the contemporary tales of modern cinema, several resources are waiting to be discovered. 

So grab some popcorn, put on your favorite Italian movie, and prepare to embark on a language trip that will be both gratifying and entertaining. Good vision and learning! (Happy viewing and learning!)

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