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Our Spanish dialect coaches and translation dept. will ensure that the Spanish in your project is perfect. We have experience working with productions of all sizes. We typically translate the script (with options for writers if needed), check previous translations, record audio files for the actors, schedule prep sessions (remote or in person) act as an agent for a team of Spanish on-set dialect coaches. If you are interested in having Strømmen assist you with your language needs, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

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Partial Resume of Past Spanish dialect coaching projects

  • Station 19 – (2022) TV series Korean Dialect Coaching + Spanish Dialect Coaching
  • Jack Ryan S4 (2022) – Spanish Script Translation of English lines
  • The Religion of Sports (2022) – Transcription, Translation and Consulting Services (Portuguese, Spanish, French)
  • The Next thing you eat (Transcription and translation Spanish, Kinyarwanda, Hindi) (2021)
  • Ugly Delicious Season 2 (2019): Japanese, Arabic Spanish, Malayam, Korean, Hindi, Khmer translation, transcription and quality control
  • Veronica Mars (2019-2018) TV – Arabic and Spanish script translation and Mp3 recording for actors
  • The Curse of La Llorona (2019) Film – Spanish Dialect Coaching and Post Production QC
  • Seal Team Season 2 (TV) (2018) Spanish, Arabic dialect coaching and quality control
  • 7 Days out – 2018 (Netflix) French, Korean, Spanish, Swiss-German, German translation onto time-code.
  • Future Man Season 2 – 2018 (Hulu) Castillian Spanish Dialect Coaching, tscript transaltion and quality control
  • Goliath Season 2 (2017) Spanish dialect coaching and translation
  • Seal Team (TV) (2017) ASL (American Sign Languag), Pashto, Dari, Ukrainian, Russian, Syrian Arabic, Estonian, Portuguese, Pashto, Spanish, Tagalog, Serbian, Neur, Bosnian, Polish translation, dialect coaching and quality control
  • The Last Ship (2017) TV Spanish language Dialect Coaching
  • Altered Carbon – 2017 – Vietnamese, German, Spanish and Arabic Quality control
  • Leaves” with the Boston Symphony (2017) – Spanish and French dialect coaching and translation
  • Direct TV commercial “Movers” (2017) Spanish dialect coaching
  • I Love dick – (season 1)  – Spanish Dialect coaching
  • Snakebite (2017) Video Game Colombian Spanish Dialect Coaching, Script Translation, Mocap and VO dialect coaching and quality control
  • Arrival (Film) (2016) – Mandarin Chinese Dialect Coaching for Amy Adams (ADR) – Urdu, Arabic, Latin translation, Spanish, and German
  • Judge Judy (2016 episode) Court Certified Spanish Translation
  • Chef’s Table Season 3 (2017) – Portuguese, French, Japanese, Korean, German, Spanish and Russian Time – coded Transcription, translation and quality control
  • The Believer (CNN series) 2016 – Haitian Creole, Hebrew, Hindi and Spanish Translation, transcription services
  • Criminal Minds Beyond Borders TV 2016 – Arabic Dialect Coaching, Urdu Dialect Coaching, Hebrew Dialect Coaching, Afrikaans Dialect Coaching, Castillian Spanish, Basque dialect coaching. Serbian Dialect Coaching. Urdu Dialect coaching. Latin Dialect coaching
  • War on Everyone (2015) (Film) Spanish Dialect Coaching with Tessa Thompson
  • King of 7b (pilot) Spanish Script Translation
  • Dr. Del (2015) (pilot) Spanish Dialect Coaching
  • Amapola (2014) Argentinian Spanish Dialect Coaching for Camilla Belle
  • Katherine Jenkins (2014) Dialect Coaching for recording artist  (Italian, German, Spanish)
  • Larry Crowne (2011) Spanish Dialect Coach (Dialect Coaching and Translation for Gugu Mbatha-Raw)

Full Resume

The Numerous Dialects of Spanish

Spanish is one of the most widely spoken languages globally and as such, there are  many regional dialects and variations, some of which are quite distinct from each other, especially in terms of pronunciations and vocabulary, but not to as great an extent in terms of grammar. The main dialects in use around the world are the following:

  • Europe
    • Castillian
    • Galician
    • Asturian
    • Andalusian
    • Murcian
    • Canarian
    • Basque
    • Catalan
  • The Americas
    • Mexican
    • Central American Spanish
    • Caribbean Spanish
    • Pacific S. American (Colombia, Ecuador and Peru)
    • Bolivia
    • Paraguayan
    • Rioplatense

Spanish Accented English:

Nothing is worse than a bad Spanish accent unless that is what you are trying to do of course. We help actors and projects to create the perfect Spanish-accented English performances. Read about our process here and why it is so important to have a dialect coach for accented English performances.