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The 12 Best Italian Cartoons For Kids To Learn Italian

Are you looking for the best Italian Kids Cartoons for your child to build essential vocabulary skills? Look no further. Watching Italian kids cartoons is a great way for your child (or yourself) to get immersed in the Italian language and learn while having fun. Luckily, we compiled a list of the 12 best-loved and most magical cartoons for you, starting with the toddler favorites and up to the ones your tweens and teenagers will love.

1- Peppa Pig – 4 to 6 years

A classic English cartoon that has made its way around the world as a toddler’s favorite. Peppa Pig follows a little piglet, Peppa and her brother George on their daily adventures: they go to school, go on summer vacation, learn to smile, go for a swim, etc. You can find all the episodes on YouTube and enjoy the one below.


2- Masha e Orso – Masha and the Bear – 6 to 9 years

Masha, a spirited and endlessly energetic young girl, simply cannot stay in one spot and transforms everything into her own personal adventure. On the other hand, the Bear is a gentle and easygoing fellow who relishes tranquility and comfort. This show is  filled with laughter, mischief, and unforgettable experiences as these two unlikely companions embark on one wild and exhilarating adventure after another. You can find all the episodes on YouTube and enjoy the one below.

3- Curioso Come George – Curious George – 4 to 8 years

In this television series, inspired by a beloved book collection, we enter the world of a mischievous little monkey known as George. With his trusty companion, “The Man in the Yellow Hat,” George forges a fast friendship and embarks on countless thrilling escapades. Throughout the series, George’s insatiable curiosity leads him to discover the intricacies of human behavior and those who inhabit his world, often finding himself in troublesome situations that require the assistance of his loyal partner, “The Man in the Yellow Hat.” Brace yourself for a delightful journey filled with laughter, valuable life lessons, and heartwarming moments as George navigates the joys and pitfalls of his ever-evolving understanding of the human realm. You can find all the episodes on YouTube and enjoy the one below.

4- Super Pigiamini – PJ Masks – 4 to 12 years

Super Pigiamini, is a very popular tv show in Italy. It is about three best friends who discover their incredible superpowers. When they slip into their pajamas they activate their special animal amulets and transform into their superhero alter egos! With their newfound abilities, they embark on thrilling adventures filled with action and excitement. Along the way, they unravel mysteries and use their wits to solve puzzling challenges. You can find all the episodes on YouTube and enjoy the one below.


5- Barbapapa – 2 – 10 years

Also based on a book – by Franco-American couple Annette Tison and Talus Taylor – Barbabapapa (“cotton candy” in French) features a family of gentle shape-shifting blobs of different colors. The parents, Barbapapà and Barbamamma, educate their offspring, each with a different talent: Barbabravo the inventor, Barbazoo the animal lover, Barbabella the girlie girl, Barbottina the intellectual one, Barbalalla the musician, Barbabarba the artist, etc

Barbapapà were ahead of their times, exploring such themes as environmentalism or urban planning gone awry. Their goal is always to be helpful and happy. You can find all the episodes on YouTube and enjoy the one below.

6 – La Squadra dei Cuccioli – Paw Patrol – 4 to 9 years

This animated series, originally produced in the English language, has gained immense popularity among Italian children. The show centers around the adventures of a courageous boy named Ryder, who takes charge of a devoted team of search and rescue dogs known as the PAW Patrol. United by a common mission, they collaborate on thrilling quests to safeguard Adventure Bay, a vibrant shoreside community, and its neighboring regions. Prepare for action-packed episodes as this determined group of heroes joins forces to ensure the safety and well-being of their beloved community. You can find all the episodes on YouTube and enjoy the one below.

7 -Pokémon – 5+ years

Accompanied by his trusted partner Pokémon, Pikachu, and a dynamic ensemble of human companions, Ash embarks on an epic quest to attain the esteemed title of “Pokémon Master.” Throughout his awe-inspiring journey, he traverses diverse regions within the vast Pokémon world, engaging in thrilling Pokémon battles in renowned tournaments referred to as the Pokémon League. Brace yourself for an enthralling adventure as Ash and his loyal allies strive to conquer challenges, forge unbreakable bonds, and fulfill their ultimate goal of mastering the captivating realm of Pokémon. You can find all the episodes on YouTube and enjoy the one below.

8 – Siamo Fatti Cosi – Once Upon a Time… Life –  14+  years

This show provided a wealth of scientific knowledge to Italian kids in the 90s and 2000s – much  in the same way the Magic School Bus did in the US at the same time. Several generations learned about space, ancient civilizations or the human body through the lessons provided by Maestro, its kind, long bearded scientist host. This is a great resource for anyone learning Italian at any age. Full episodes are a little tricky to find online but well worth the search. Many episodes are easily findable on YouTube.

9 -Bing – 2+ years

Immerse yourself in a captivating children’s TV series inspired by the beloved books by Ted Dewan. Join Bing, an exuberant preschool-aged rabbit, as he navigates through the ups and downs of everyday challenges and dilemmas. Bursting with enthusiasm, Bing finds himself entangled in minor misadventures that ultimately lead him to invaluable lessons about essential aspects of toddler life. Accompanying Bing on his journey is Flop, his trusted guardian and a small stuffed animal. With a calm and gentle presence, Flop quietly imparts life wisdom to Bing, offering guidance and support during his frequent blunders. You can find all the episodes on YouTube and enjoy the one below.

10-La Pimpa – 2 to 7 years

Pimpa, also known as La Pimpa, is an Italian comic strip brought to life by the creative genius of Francesco Tullio Altan. This beloved series revolves around the adventures of a charming female dog adorned with red spots, who takes center stage as its main character with her trusted owner Armando. You can find all the episodes on YouTube and enjoy the one below.

11-Winx Club – 7 to 15 years

The show is set in a magical universe that is inhabited by fairies, witches, and other mythical creatures. The main character is a fairy warrior named Bloom, who enrolls at Alfea College to train and hone her skills. The series follows the adventures of Bloom and her friends, a group of girls known as the Winx. The team is made up of Bloom, the fairy of the Dragon Flame ; Stella, the fairy of the Shining Sun; Flora, the fairy of nature; Tecna, the fairy of technology; Musa, the fairy of music; and Aisha, the fairy of waves. This tv show was at the height of its popularity in Italy in the early 2000’s with every little girl owning Winx Club merchandise and apparel. You can find all the episodes on YouTube and enjoy the one below.

12. Che Magnifiche Spie! – Totally Spies! – 7 to 15 years

This show created by French and Canadian producers, follows the exploits of three teenage girls hailing from the glamorous city of Beverly Hills, USA. Sam, Clover, and Alex, lead extraordinary double lives as undercover agents for the prestigious World Organization of Human Protection (WOOHP). They experience exhilarating adventures as they navigate the intricate web of secrecy, balancing their everyday lives with their thrilling missions to safeguard humanity. Brace yourself for non-stop action, intrigue, and high-stakes escapades as these remarkable young agents strive to protect the world from looming threats. You can find all the episodes on YouTube and enjoy the one below.

We hope you enjoy this selection of  cartoons your kid will love to watch in Italian! Watching videos and films in Italian is one of the best way to get immersed in the language and to pick up slang, idiomatic expressions and other essential everyday elements of language. I consider it almost required homework for my students, and why not? Our philosophy at Strommen is that learning a language should be fun, no matter what age we are. For more information or to book a class, don’t hesitate to contact our office.



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