5 thing you should never do in France

5 Things you should never do in France

Why make a list of things you should never do in France? The more I travel, the more I realize the importance of not being a tourist.
What do I mean by that? Well, most travel destinations have a tourist economy and therefore there is a whole section of th population and city that is geared towards making as much money as possible off of tourists. To have an authentic experience I believe one should master some basic language skills, enough to (at least trick the locals momentarily), stay in apartments (using airbnb) rather than hotels, and learn some basic cultural norms. Check out our full post on the tips to not seem like a tourist here, and read on for our list of things you should avoid doing in France.

When traveling to France do you ever get the feeling that you just asked for something strange, or maybe did something wrong? Here at Strommen we help you to learn the language but also master the culture so that you can navigate foreign countries like a native. Check out this short video with 5 easy tips of what NOT to do in France.

Keep in mind, you can do these things, but you will lose your cover and people will treat you like a tourist.

  1. The French don’t hug: The french actually have a rather elaborate cheek kissing protocol.
  2. Don’t tip too much: the same goes for Italy, usually a Euro per person is enough.
  3. No Doggy Bags: There is so much less food and plastic waste in France. Portions aren’t as big and people do not ask for doggy bags (even if you dont finish your food).
  4. Don’t change the menu: No special requests (please add tomatoes etc). You can ask, but be prepared for some eye rolling.
  5. Don’t ask for ice: Drinking extra cold drinks is very American. Asking for ice in normal drinks is a dead give away that you are a tourist.







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