Garrett’s Favorite Spots – Best Restaurants and things to do in Rome Italy

Rome is my hometown. After years of people asking me for recommendations, I have decided to share my list of my favorite restaurants and things to do in Rome Italy so that the entire internet can benefit from amazing Roman cuisine and non-touristy attractions! If you ask me, these are the best restaurants in Rome. If you are staying in a particular area check the map below as there are more reccomendations. Although I live in LA I try to get back at least once a year, and when I do go back I make sure to hit up at least half of these places.

Don’t eat anywhere that has a guy standing outside trying to get you in!

Feel free to comment if you would like me to consider some other spots!

View Roma by in a larger map

l-isola-della-pizza antipasto
Some of the antipasti at Isola della pizza – Prosciutto, Mozzarella di buffala
  1. Flavio Al Velavevodetto: This is a hot new spot for authentic Roman pasta dishes and simple appetizers. Go for the cacio e pepe, amatriciana and carbonara!

2. ISOLA DELLA PIZZA: Great Pizza and meat on the grill! Order the Antipasto misto and they will ask you if you want them to handle it. Say yes. You will get about 8 courses or ricotta, prosciutto, suppli, and more! Kind of hard to get to, but well worth it. Plus you will see a part of Rome tourists seldom get to. (near the vatican and Metro)

Favorite Dishes: Antipasto Misto (tell them “fate vi” and the tagliata con rucola e patate

2. Pizza Rustica on via Flaminia (see map below)
One of the best spots in town for Pizza Rustica. Italian fast food!

Favorite dishes: Patato pizza, melanzane pizza, funghi porcini pizza

3. Pizzeria “La Montecarlo”
Maybe one of the most touristy spots on this list – but very good! The waiters are super fast and very Roman! Get there early (7) to avoid a line.

Favorite dish: Pizza la Montecarlo, Antipasto fritto misto

4. Da Franco, Via dei Falisci, 2
Great seafood place if you are in the mood for a seafood feast! Make sure you say : “Fate Voi!” they will bring 13 courses of fish dishes for 30 euros. In the only part of Rome to be bombed in WWII, it is a part of town tourists rarely see. Very active at night with nightlife and bars. Many college kids in this area. Explore the back streets to find communist run pizza pubs and streets covered in graffiti.

best restaurants in rome italy
Pizzeria Da Bafetto

5. Pizzeria Da Baffetto
Great spot for a late night pizza in Trastevere. Maybe the best in Rome?

Favorite Dish: Pizza Baffetto

6. Antica Enoteca
GREAT spot for a cold beer and some snacks on a hot day in Rome when walking in the center. it is an ANCIENT spot! Via della Croce, 76
00186 Rome, Italy

Favorite Dish: Prosciutto, birra alla spina

7. Suppli Roma
You can find a ton of places that offer “Street Food” in Rome but this is one of the best.

Favorite Dish: Suplli 

8. Pizzeria il Buccheto
A great spot, I may be a little biased as this place is near my old apartment. But the pictures of Italian celebrities and no-frills environment don’t lie! They serve pizzas in two sizes, small and large. If you are hungry you may get 2!

Favorite dishes: capriciosa (which only comes in one size)

9. Il Grottino

You need to order the Carbonara here!

10. Osteria Da Tonino

They only offer a few options for lunch and the menu changes daily. Great spot for local authentic food.

11. Roscioli – Maybe this should be at the top of the list? You will need a reservation.

12. See the map for many more…

Things to Do in Rome:

Follow the link to the Map above for more, but my favorite thing to do in Rome is take a walk. If you are only going for a few days I would not recommend the vatican as it can feel like a cattle drive and takes up the whole day.

Start your passegiata at any one of these points.

Piazza Del Popolo

(you can go up the stairs to the left to see the view from the Pincio)

Go up Via Del corso

take a left on via condotti to get to the Spanish steps (drink from the fountain if you are brave)

Trevi fountain (throw 3 coins in over your shoulder to guarantee that you will return to Rome)

Walk over to the Pantheon

Then up to Piazza Navona

then to Campo De Fiori (wild place late night)

Then across ponte Sisto to Trastevere

Explore this area for Bars etc.

Walk bak down the river past the Vatican and Castel Sant Angelo to Piazza del popolo or check out the tiber island and cross over to find circus maximus and the colluseum

authentic carbonara recipe
authentic carbonara

authentic carbonara recipe

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