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The Best Mexican Films – Mexican Cinema to Learn Spanish

Looking for the very best Mexican films? We have watched all of the best films Mexican cinema has to offer while curating our foreign language movie night. Mexican cinema is known for its different phases. Mexican cinema was once at the top of the Latin American film industry and had its “Golden Age” between 1936-1959 and then later had a renaissance with directors like Alejandro González Iñárritu and Guillermo del Toro. We have put together a list of Mexican films below that is perfect for a Mexican cinema retrospective!



  1. El Mariachi

  2. Amore Perros

  3. Y Tu Mama Tambien

  4. Cronos

  5. Como Agua Como Chocolate

  6. María Candelaría

  7. The Devil’s backbone

  8. The Exterminating Angel

  9. Simon of the desert

  10. Solo con tu pareja

These Mexican cinema classics will be sure to give you a feel of the best Mexican directors. Please pair these films with cerveza and tequila. Check out the full list below by following the links to preview the films and their very distinct qualities.


1. El Mariachi (1992) Low Budget Mexican Film - Action

The director of this film, Robert Rodriguez sold blood and shot it for only $10,000. He is an American born director, but this project was shot and feels very south of the border.

Amores Perros (2000) - Mexican Film at its best

If you can deal with the savage dog fighting scenes, then this innovative Mexican classic is a must see.

Y Tu Mama También (2001)

Amores perros opens with a dog fight, Y tu mama tambien with a sex scene. Both amazing films by Alfonso Cuaron. 

Cronos (1993)

Spooky, and a jewel of Mexican cinema. 

Como Agua Para Chocolate

Maria Candelaria

The Devil's Backbone (2001)

The Exterminating Angel

Simon of the desert

Solo Con Tu Pareja


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