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A1 Level Spanish Resources

Ser and Estar Worksheet

Looking for a fun activity to practice Ser and Estar? Use this Ser vs Estar worksheet with your teacher: Ser and Estar Worksheet Actividad

What does Güey mean in Spanish?
A1 Level Spanish Resources

Most Common Mexican Slang – ¡No Mames!

Spoken Spanish in Mexico and in California is full of Mexican slang. Whether you are watching Narcos on Netflix, or chatting with a local you

Common Spanish adjectives
A1 Level Spanish Resources

The 50 Most Common Spanish Adjectives

Spanish Adjectives – A few important notes: Master our list of Spanish adjectives to take your Spanish skills to the next level – do

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A1 Level Spanish Resources

20 Most common words Spanish Vocab Quiz!

This Spanish vocab quiz will test your knowledge of the 20 most common Spanish Words. Explore the full list of the 1000 Most Common

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