Pets in Spanish

The Ultimate Vocabulary Guide about Pets in Spanish

Welcome to the ultimate vocabulary guide about pets in Spanish! Pets are loyal and affectionate companions that play an essential role in the lives of many people worldwide. 

In this article, we’ll provide you with an extensive vocabulary related to pets, ranging from the names of different domesticated animals to terms associated with their care and feeding. 

Whether you’re interested in learning Spanish to better communicate with your furry friend or simply wish to enrich your knowledge about the world of pets, this guide is for you!

Common Pet Names in Spanish

Dogs – Perros

English Spanish
Dog Perro
Puppy Cachorro
Canine Canino
Pet Mascota
Companion Compañero

Cats – Gatos

English Spanish
Cat Gato
Kitten Gatito
Feline Felino
Kitty (colloquial term) Minino

Birds – Aves

English Spanish
Bird Pájaro/Ave
Parrot Lorito
Canary Canario
Eagle Águila
Owl Búho

Small Mammals – Mamíferos Pequeños

English Spanish
Rabbit Conejo
Hamster Hámster
Guinea Pig Cobaya
Rat Rata
Ferret Hurón

Reptiles and Amphibians – Reptiles y Anfibios

English Spanish
Turtle Tortuga
Snake Serpiente
Lizard Lagartija
Toad Sapo

Pets in Spanish

Terms Related to Pet Care

Feeding – Alimentación

English Spanish
Food Comida
Water Agua
Food bowl Plato de comida
Diet Dieta 
Treat Premio

Health – Salud

English Spanish
Veterinarian Veterinario(a)
Vaccination Vacunación
Deworming Desparasitación
Neutering/Spaying Esterilización/Castración
Illness Enfermedad

Hygiene – Higiene

English Spanish
Bath Baño
Shampoo Champú / Shampoo
Brushing Cepillado
Nails Uñas
Brush Cepillo

Exercise – Ejercicio

English Spanish
Walk Paseo
Play Juego
Toys Juguetes
Dog park Parque para perros
Hamster wheel Rueda para hámsters
Leash Correa
Collar Collar

Verbs Related to Pets in Spanish

  • Cuidar – To care for
  • Alimentar – To feed
  • Jugar – To play
  • Pasear – To walk
  • Bañar – To bathe
  • Acicalar – To groom
  • Entrenar – To train
  • Vacunar – To vaccinate
  • Desparasitar – To deworm
  • Esterilizar – To neuter/spay
  • Ladrar – To bark (used for dogs)
  • Maullar – To meow (used for cats)
  • Chirriar – To chirp (used for birds)
  • Ronronear – To purr (used for cats)
  • Cazar – To hunt
  • Acariciar – To pet/stroke
  • Morder – To bite
  • Rasguñar – To scratch (used for cats)
  • Jugar a la pelota – To play fetch
  • Excavar – To dig (used for certain animals)
  • Nadar – To swim (used for aquatic pets)

Common Expressions about Pets

  • “El perro es el mejor amigo del hombre.” – “The dog is man’s best friend.”
  • “Como dos gotas de agua.” – “Like two peas in a pod.” (To describe two pets that look very similar)
  • “Estar como el perro y el gato.” – “To be like cat and dog.” (When two people don’t get along)
  • “Hasta el rabo, todo es toro.” – “Until the end, everything is bull.” (Expresses the need for perseverance in life, like a dog chasing its tail)

Learn More Spanish!

In this guide, we’ve explored an extensive vocabulary related to pets in Spanish. From the names of different domesticated animals to terms associated with their care and feeding, we hope you’ve expanded your knowledge about the world of pets and how to better communicate with them in Spanish.

We hope this guide has been helpful to you, and that you enjoy the wonderful experience of sharing your life with a pet. Good luck on your journey to master Spanish and providing the best care for your furry friend!

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