Language Learning Netflix Hack

This Netflix hack will help you learn a language

Language Learning Netflix HackWe all know that the best way to learn a language is to take a time machine, visit your eight-year-old self and convince your parents to move to Spain and let you grow up free diving and eating tapas.

Unfortunately, this technology is not yet possible so we have to immerse ourselves with the tools we have and trick our adult brains to listen to new sounds and retain them.

Some languages are easier than others. In Los Angeles, we can immerse ourselves in Spanish all of the time (ordering tacos, talking in line at the store etc.) but something like Romanian might be a little harder.

Netflix is a great way to immerse yourself and improve your comprehension for almost any language – and have fun in the process.


Watch original language Netflix shows with the original language subtitles on. You might not understand much, and if that is the case just read along. Work on listening. Things will slowly start to make sense. If you are intermediate, this is even better. Read along to see the things you can’t hear and try to acquire new words and slang. To find all of the Netflix movies in a particular original language you can use these “secret Netflix codes”

To find all of the shows available in an Original language on Netflix

  1. First, go to this link:
  2. Then in the Url type in one of the following codes behind genre/ like this:
    1. Italian Movies: 8221 –
    2. Spanish Movies: 58741 –
    3. French Movies: 58807 –
    4. German Movies: 58886 –
    5. Russian Movies: 11567 –
    6. Classic Foreign Movies: 32473 –

For a full list



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