Miss traveling? Have an Italy-themed evening at home

In 2020 we all miss normalcy, and we are all getting big-time quarantine fatigue. We miss getting together with friends, going to a movie, going to a concert, going to the gym. One thing we all miss is travel to Europe. Currently, the American Embassy in Italy’s website says that travel to Italy is not permitted due to Covid 19. Before covid, we could at least fantasize about hopping on a plane and being in Italy the next day. When we are told we can’t have something it makes us want it even more. The good news is that by following these fun tips you can re-create an Italian experience at home.

  1. Cue up a great Italian movie on Netflix. Italy is has a rich history of cinema and thanks to this Netflix hack you can find all of the Italian language content on Netflix. Want to make it a French, Spanish or German night? We have you covered – there is a ton of original language content on Netflix that you can find. Put on the original language, and original language captions and move on to the next step.
  2. Language Learning Netflix HackCook some authentic Italian food at home. You can use one of our amazing recipes or head over to an Italian language site like Giallo Zafferano. When cooking authentic food, the key is finding a recipe in the original language. This is one way to make sure it is authentic. Find out how to say “recipe” in your language of choice and then just add the dish to the google search, the results should all be in original language and the recipes won’t be Americanized.
  3. Play some Italian music. You can just ask Alexa or Siri to “Play Italian Music” or check out some live radio in your language.
  4. Get some authentic groceries (think wine, soda, bread, etc) that are imported from Italy. We recommend shopping at a place like Eataly. If you don’t feel like cooking a Carbonara from scratch you could also pick up dinner there.
  5. Speak the language! You can get the whole family involved by learning a song like “Nel Blu Dipinto di Blu” or pretend to be an Italian waiter for your partner.
  6. Go for a virtual walk using google maps or visiting a virtual museum. Take an after-dinner walk around the city using google maps, and take a moment to learn something new about some of the monuments. European cities are full of history, there are many virtual museums that will give you a sense of being there.

Be creative and with some imagination you can be transported to another place. Sometimes all it takes is a bite of food, or a movie or song. Take taco Tuesday to a whole new level or French Friday for that matter!



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