Supergeil meaning

What does Supergeil mean?

What does the German word “Supergeil” mean?


  1. Super Cool

  2. Super Sexy/horny

  3. Super over-the-top

Supergeil is a word made up of two other very common German words: Super + Geil. These words are commonly used in conversational, colloquial German. “Super” pronounced with a “z” sound, and “Geil” pronounced “Guy-ell.” We have a dedicated post for the expressions Super & Geil here, but Super has the same meaning as English and Geil has several possible translations, depending on how the speaker says it, the context and tone.

Why does GEIL mean both horny and cool? Isn’t that strange?

It’s really not that strange, there are many colloquial words that have several meanings, both positive and negative depending on tone and context. Take for example the expressions in English: “That video game is killer” or, “that is bad-ass” someone learning English might have difficulty understanding that these are positive expressions. Geil in German is similar, and perhaps started as a somewhat ironic expression as slang often does among younger kids and then works its way up into common vernacular. There are words like this in other languages like Güey in Spanish, or Coatto in Italian.

If your worried saying SUPERGEIL is not appropriate, don’t be. Kids used to say it in the 90’s and they even made a commercial about it.





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