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10 Free English to Spanish Translation Tools

English to Spanish translation tools always come in handy. When you’re learning Spanish, you’ll find plenty of words in English that you don’t know how to say in Spanish. This is easily fixed with a good translation tool.

In today’s post, we’ll be sharing the top 10 best Spanish translation tools…and the best part, they’re all free!

1. Google Translate

Google Translate is a global favorite. Everyone has heard about Google Translate before! 

You can use it on the website or download the app

Not only is it an amazing Spanish translation tool, but it also works with over 59 languages. You can translate from any language to another one of your choosing. 

It even has a text recognition feature, which will automatically identify the language you’re writing in. 

2. WordReference

WordReference is another well-known Spanish translation tool. 

This app is not only accurate, but it has some extra features that you won’t find in other translation websites. It has a “Favorite Terms” feature, which lets you bookmark words that you’ll need for future reference. The website also offers example sentences and it even has a conjugation feature. 

3. Linguee

Linguee works both as an English to Spanish translation tool and as a dictionary. 

When you translate a word, it’ll give you a Wikipedia definition and example sentences to help you understand the word. 

It also has a free app, so you can use it on your mobile devices. 

4. DeepL

DeepL comes from the same creators of Linguee. You can use it on browser, or download the Google Chrome extension.

DeepL has a paid version, but the free version allows you to translate up to 5,000 characters. Plus, you can edit the translated text and look for synonyms.

5. iTranslate

iTranslate is becoming increasingly popular. Not only is it a Spanish translation tool, but you can also translate over 100 languages.

The best feature of this app is voice translation. It will let you type the text you wish to translate, but you can also just speak it, and it will recognize your voice in order to translate.

6. Word Lens

Word Lens is an app that lets you translate any poster or printed text in real-time using the camera of your mobile device.

This app is extremely useful if you’re traveling to a Spanish-speaking country and need to understand street signs or posters.

7. Flixier

Flixier is not like the other English to Spanish translation tools. This one is specifically designed for video and audio files. 

It’s very easy to use, all you have to do is upload the video or the audio file and the system will automatically come up with a transcript and synchronized subtitles.

8. SpanishDict Translator

SpanishDict is an app that works as a Spanish translator, conjugator, and dictionary.

While it might not be the most accurate app, the few mistakes it makes are actually minor. This app is very user-friendly and comprehensive. You won’t have a problem figuring out how to use all the features.

9. SayHi Translate

SayHi Translate is an app that gives you instant Spanish translation for dialogues and conversations. 

Not only does it provide a text translation, but it will also read the translated text aloud, so you can understand how to pronounce correctly each word.

10. TextGrabber

The final, but definitely not least, is TextGrabber. This app works similarly to Word Lens. It lets you translate the text from an image within seconds.

This app works offline, so you don’t have to worry about using your data. This app is perfect for when you’re traveling abroad to a Spanish-speaking country.

11. ChatGPT

This is the bonus option. Chat GPT is an amazing tool and we know that AI technology will be constantly improving and making translation more natural and convenient. In our experience it still needs some work!

What’s Your Favorite English To Spanish Translation Tool?

Now that you know which are the top 10 best free Spanish translation websites and apps, do you have a favorite? If you need professional translation make sure to contact us!



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