30 Common Spanish Irregular Verbs

30 Most Common Spanish Irregular Verbs

If you’re learning Spanish verbs, you’ve probably encountered irregular verbs. If you want to learn the most common Spanish irregular verbs, we’ve got you covered.

In this article, you’ll find a master list with the 30 most common irregular verbs in Spanish, so you can start using them right away!

What Are Irregular Verbs?

Before we dig into the list, it’s important to know what are irregular verbs.

As you probably know by now, Spanish verbs use stems and endings for their conjugations. The ending changes depending on the pronoun you’re using.

Irregular verbs do not follow a regular ending pattern. Their stems and endings change depending on each word. 

30 Most Common Spanish Irregular Verbs

Now, without further ado, here’s a list of the 30 most common Spanish irregular verbs.

Frequency Number Spanish In English
1 Ser To be
2 Estar To be
3 Tener To have
4 Ir To go
5 Poder To be able to, can
6 Decir To say
7 Ver To see, to watch
8 Querer To want
9 Hacer To do, make
10 Haber To have, to do something (auxiliary verb)
11 Dar To give
12 Conocer To know, to meet
13 Saber To know
14 Poner To put
15 Salir To exit, to go out
16 Traer To bring
17 Venir To come
18 Oír To hear
19 Caber To fit
20 Caer To fall
21 Jugar To play
22 Comenzar To begin, to start
23 Empezar To begin, to start
24 Cerrar To close
25 Entender To understand
26 Mentir To lie
27 Pensar To think
28 Sentir To feel
29 Doler To hurt
30 Perder To lose

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Spanish Irregular Verbs Example Sentences

Now that you know what the most common Spanish irregular verbs are, it’s time you see them in action. 

Here are some example sentences on how to use these irregular verbs.

  1. Yo soy tu amigo.  (I am your friend.)
  2. Tu estás en Los Angeles. (You are in Los Angeles) 
  3. Yo tengo dos hermanos. (I have two brothers.)
  4. Usted va a la calle. (You go to the street.)
  5. Ellos pueden bailar. (They can dance.)
  6. Juan dice que me ama. (Juan says he loves me.)
  7. Yo veo un paisaje. (I see a landscape.)
  8. Ella quiere más pastel. (She wants more cake.)
  9. Yo hago pan. (I make bread.)
  10. Ella ha llamado a su amiga. (She has called her friend.)
  11. Nosotros damos flores. (We give flowers.)
  12. Ella conoce a mi mamá. (She knows my mother.)
  13. Él sabe contar hasta diez. (He knows how to count to ten.)
  14. Yo me pongo un vestido. (I put on a dress.)
  15. Nosotros salimos juntos. (We go out together.) 
  16. Usted trae su perro. (You bring your dog.)
  17. Yo vengo de Australia. (I come from Australia.)
  18. Él no oye bien. (He doesn’t hear well.)
  19. El juguete cabe en la caja. (The toy fits in the box.) 
  20. Yo me caigo. (I fall.)
  21. Ellas juegan juntas. (They play together.)
  22. Las clases comienzan temprano. (Classes start early.)
  23. El otoño empieza pronto. (Autumn starts soon.) 
  24. Yo cierro la puerta. (I close the door.)
  25. Yo entiendo muy bien. (I understand very well.)
  26. Ella miente seguido. (She lies often.)
  27. Yo pienso en ti. (I think about you.)
  28. Me siento feliz. (I feel happy.)
  29. A ella le duele la cabeza. (Her head hurts.)
  30. Nosotros perdimos el dinero. (We lost the money.)

Practice Irregular Verbs!

Now you know 30 of the most common Spanish irregular verbs and how to use them. 

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