100 Useful French Words (part 2)

100 more useful French words part 2.

After the sucess of our last post – here are 100 more useful French words.

bateau boat, ship noun
million million noun
sac bag, sack noun
impossible impossible adjective
seconde second, moment noun
bête stupid, silly noun, adjective
découvrir to discover, find verb
erreur error, mistake noun
soleil sun, sunlight noun
voyage trip, journey noun
sauter to jump verb
rêver to dream verb
détester to hate, detest verb
clair clear, apparent adjective
faux wrong, false, fallacious adjective
paraître to come out, be published verb
balle ball (sports equipment) noun
empêcher to prevent verb
maintenir to keep, maintain verb
cheveu a hair noun
papier paper noun
présent a present; present, current noun, adjective
sujet subject, topic, theme noun
supposer to suppose, assume verb
tranquille quiet, calm adjective
neuf nine; new, unused numerical adjective, adjective
épouser to marry, to espouse verb
blanc white; blank adjective
table table; french.languagedaily.com noun
toute everything, all (see #22, 256) indefinite adjective
dix ten, tenth numerical adjective
clé key; solutioin noun
agent officer, oficial, agent noun
approcher to approach verb
sens direction, way; meaning; sense; senses noun
craindre to fear, to be afraid of verb
six six numerical adjective
message message noun
crier to shout verb
salle room, hall, audience noun
inviter to invite verb
effet effect, impression noun
réfléchir to reflect, think verb
espèce species, kind noun
arranger to arrange, to organize verb
naître to be born verb
allô Hello! (telephone) onomatopoeia
bois wood; antlers noun
propos subject, topic, remark, point noun
camp camp noun
sorte sort, kind noun
hôtel hotel; french.languagedaily.com noun
début beginning noun
souffrir to be in pain, suffer verb
jambe leg noun
remercier to thank verb
choix choice, selection noun
sécurité safety, security noun
avocat lawyer noun
attraper to catch verb
client customer, client, guest noun
courant current, trend noun
dépêcher to dispatch verb
peuple people noun
dame lady, queen noun
vérifier to check, verify verb
abandonner to abandon, leave, desert verb
journal newspaper, diary, journal noun
sérieux genuine, serious adjective
brûler to burn verb
or gold noun
loi law, rule noun
fond bottom, back noun
gosse kid (colloquial, child, youngster) (see #745) noun
fric doug, money, cash noun
situation situation; job; location noun
euh Er… onomatopoeia
sauf except preposition
accident accident noun
doute doubt noun
scène scene noun
soldat soldier noun
amoureux loving adjective
assurer to assure, insure verb
preuve proof, evidence noun
humain human adjective
mer sea, seaside noun
silence silence noun
télé TV, telly noun
victime victim, casualty noun
complètement completely, fully, in depth adverb
pute whore noun
garde guard; carer, nurse noun
meurtre murder noun
groupe group noun
crime crime noun
traiter to treat; to deal verb
doucement gently, softly adverb
blesser to injure, wound, hurt verb
colonel colonel noun




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