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Etre un bourreau des coeurs

Etre Bourreau des coeurs in English

What does it mean to be un vary Bourreau des coeurs? It literally means “to be a heart executioner” or in English a heart breaker,


100 Useful French Words (part 2)

100 more useful French words part 2. After the sucess of our last post – here are 100 more useful French words. bateau boat,

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Happy Victoire du 8 mai 1945

Victoire du 8 mai 1945 Le 8 mai marque la date anniversaire de la fin de la Seconde Guerre mondiale en Europe occidentale. Le 7

Free French Lesson La Vie en Rose

Free French Lesson La Vie en Rose Thanks for stopping by our blog! This is a free French class for everyone to better enjoy

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