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20 Best Spanish Christmas Songs of All Time to really set the mood

Christmas is fast approaching, and with the advent of the holiday season, people in their homes, public spaces and businesses of all sorts are in full swing decorating and putting on Christmas songs. Christmas is especially important in much of the Spanish-speaking world given the common Catholic cultural fabric connecting Spanish-speaking people all over the world. Below are 20 of the most well-known and beloved Christmas songs and villancicos (Christmas carols) that can be heard throughout the Americas and in Spain once the end of the year is upon us:

The most popular Spanish Christmas songs of all time (to give your holidays some Latin flavor!):

Spanish Christmas Song #1. Feliz Navidad

This Christmas song in Spanish is an absolute classic by Jose Feliciano, this mixed Spanish and English language song has become a standard in the Spanish-speaking world. You will be sure to hear this  song everywhere you go, in stores, on the radio, and on television in the weeks leading up to Christmas. A perfect tune to get people in the holiday mood.

2. 24 de Diciembre

Created by Juan Gabriel, Mexico’s biggest pop star, who is not only famous for his body of work, but also for having created one of the best and most well-known Spanish Christmas songs.

3. Campana Sobre Campana

One of the best-known  Spanish villancicos or Christmas carols, this has been translated into more than 100 languages. The name refers to the bells ringing to herald the birth of Jesus.

4. Noche de Paz

This is the Spanish language rendition of the classic Christmas carol Silent Night. Originally composed in German, it is now available to be heard in many languages, of which Spanish is one of the most popular.

5. Cascabel

This song is the well-known and fun-to-sing Spanish version of Jingle Bells.

6. El Burrito De Belen

This is a popular Christmas song from Venezuela that has now spread to the wider Spanish-speaking world. It is about a boy riding his little donkey to see baby Jesus.

7. El Tamborilero

This is the Spanish version of the classic song The Little Drummer Boy. In it we learn about a boy who could not afford a gift for baby Jesus, so he made the gift of his music.

8. Santa, Te Espero A Las 10

Originally by the incomparable Eartha Kitt in English, this song has been translated into many languages, and this Spanish version is a true classic.

9. La Fiesta de Pilito

A Christmas song in the style of Salsa music, this song celebrates and encourages the indulgence of Christmas foods such as cake, pork, and drinking rum. This can be heard throughout Latin America towards the end of the year.

10. La Marimorena

According to many this song refers to Maria, the mother of Jesus. It is a beloved Christmas song.

11. Paseo en Trineo

Another rendition of the classic carol Jingle Bells, this one is similar to Cascabel.

12. Blanca Navidad

This is the Spanish language version of the classic Christmas carol White Christmas. This rendition is performed by the great Luis Miguel, an artist from Puerto Rico. This one is a bonafide classic of the season.

13. Cumbia de Navidad

This song has its origins in the culture of slaves brought to Colombia by Spain. A Cumbia is characterized by small steps, whose origins came from the fact that the slaves often had their feet shackled.

14. Capricho Navideño

This song was originally recorded by Celia Cruz in Cuba, and was heard throughout the nation during the holidays. After leaving Cuba following the revolution, Cruz and La Sonora Matancera, the band she recorded this with, they found even more success, and Cruz was crowned the Queen of Salsa.

15. Gloria (Carnavarlito-Yaravi)

This is a song often heard  during Spanish language midnight mass.

16. Adeste Fideles

O Come all ye faithful is a song with origins attributed to many including various monks as well as King John IV or Portugal. It has been translated into many languages.

17. El Reno Rudolfo

This is the Spanish language version of the beloved Christmas carol Rudolf the red-nosed reindeer. It is just as popular in Spanish-speaking countries as the original is in the English-speaking world when Christmas time comes around.

18. Ven a Mi Casa Esta Navidad

A song about warmth and hospitality and family, by Argentinian artist Luis Aguile.

19. Los Campanilleros

This is a classic villancico from the Andalusia region in Spain. It is in the style of flamenco music. Campanilleros were the men who rang the bells to call people to mass.

20. Ya Vienen Los Reyes Magos

This is a song about the three kings that were the bearers of gifts for the baby Jesus. This tells the story of their journey to Bethlehem.

Feliz Navidad!

We hope you enjoyed exploring these Spanish Language Christmas songs and villancicos. We also have a list of the 20 Best French Christmas Songs. And if you are looking to learn to say the season’s greetings in Spanish, French and many other languages, take a look at our explainer on how to say Merry Christmas in many languages.



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