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Why are There no Advanced Language Classes at LA Community Colleges?

Many CA Community Colleges Cut Funding for Higher Level Advanced Language Classes


// Updated Dec 2022 //

Looking for advanced language classes at your local community college with no luck?

Higher-level language classes in LA and around CA are being targeted in the most recent round of budget cuts. It seems the US is slipping even further in terms of the public options for continued language study. This is very disappointing, as many people enjoy the low-cost option of community college language programs. While the larger class sizes (often 40 students), intensive fixed schedule, and the focus on academic for-credit coursework aren’t always everyone’s cup of tea, we hope to see a reversal of this trend.

If you are looking for advanced level French, German, Italian, Japanese and Chinese classes at a community college like LACC, SMC, LAVC or Pierce College (to name a few), not to worry, we have your back at Strommen.

While you previously might have gone to your local community college to continue your studies, this is no longer possible due to widespread budget cuts at local community colleges nationwide. Many community college language programs have eliminated higher level language courses and focused on Introduction level courses. This is where Strommen comes in, with our collective of excellent language teachers. Lessons are available in private one-on-one or small group settings, covering all levels, from complete beginner and novice speakers to advanced conversation and literature classes. Lessons are tailor-made for individuals or conducted in small group settings, and each person receives a great deal of personalized attention. Our goal is your success and satisfaction, two things we take extremely seriously, as evidenced by the reviews we have amassed on yelp.

Join the thousands of people that have expanded their language horizons with Strommen. We have found from student testimonials that 10 hours of lessons with us is roughly equivalent to a semester of a college language class.  With a sustained focus on one person or a small group, progress is rapid and highly focussed on individual needs and goals.

Fill out our student application today for a personalized response and get started with the language of  your choice. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at 323-638-9787. Please see our FAQ for answers to some of the more common questions.





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