5 Tips for learning a new Language

5 Tips: Learn A New Language In Time for  Christmas Vacation

Let’s face it, we all want to speak a second language. Some of us are pining to learn a 3rd or even 4th. Speaking a second language can help you in many parts of your life. Bilinguals have an advantage when it comes to getting work, getting around in a foreign country, and even finding love.

A recent study found that 78 percent of Americans said they’re more attracted to people who can speak another tongue.

According to several studies people who speak 2 languages have better problem-solving skills, are better multitaskers and can make decisions more quickly.

So, how do you learn a language as an adult? Here are some tips and tricks:

TV Is A Good Instructor – Especially Netflix

Part of the way I learned Italian was watching Japanese cartoons dubbed in Italian. With Netflix, you have no excuse. This is also a great trick for young children. Go to the options and change the language setting on almost any TV show or film. You will absorb a lot of vocab and be able to practice your listening skills. You can put English subtitles on.

Don’t Fret Over The Grammar

Grammar is very important, don’t get me wrong. But it shouldn’t get in the way of you trying to speak and communicate. That is what learning a language is all about. Whether you are practicing with friends, at a meetup or with your private tutor don’t be too afraid of making mistakes.

Spaced Repetition

Have trouble remembering those vocab lists? Try spaced repetition. It is a technique where you review material at increasingly spaced out intervals, this helps your long-term retention. You should review your materials every day, rather than cramming it all in right before class.

Use Free Apps

Many of our students also use apps. Specifically free apps like DUOLINGO. These are never a standalone solution as you need a real person to practice with but they can really help you learn vocab and concepts. We recommend spending your money on facetime with a real instructor.

Budget Time To Study

This seems obvious, but it is perhaps the most important tip. If learning a language were easy, everyone would be bilingual. It takes time and dedication. You need to be consistent with it. Set up specific times in your schedule that are dedicated to language learning and stick to it. It’s just like a diet, if you cheat all the time you won’t see any results. But if you stay the course you will achieve your goal. Unlike a diet, a language will be with you forever once you learn it!



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