• Name: Joaquin D
  • Los Angeles Classes: Accent reduction, English Literature, English Second Language, Kids
  • Locations: Highland Park, Glassell Park, Eagle Rock, Glendale, Mount Washington
  • About: I graduated from UCLA with a BA in both applied linguistics and Japanese. I specialize in teaching my students to speak with a standard American accent, helping my students to reduce their accents with a scientific approach. With Strømmen I have worked with students of all kinds, including CEOs, Actors and VIPS to help them reduce their accents. At UCLA I was able to go abroad to China for two months and then a year later to Japan for a whole year. I think my experiences abroad have really shaped me as a teacher since being a learner abroad myself has given me a perspective that really helps me understand my students better. I am now at Cal State Los Angeles finishing my MA in TESOL and hope to continue to make friends and help those from abroad.
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