• Name: Michael L
  • Los Angeles Classes: Accent reduction, Chinese, English Second Language, Korean
  • About: Hi my name is Michael, and I am a very experienced English teacher and Mandarin Chinese Instructor. I lived in Ottawa and Montreal, Canada, until I was 23. Upon graduation from Concordia University I moved to Busan, South Korea, to teach EFL. I stayed there for two years, from 1997 to 1999, teaching at a few language schools and a university, while making some lifelong friends. I then moved to Tainan, Taiwan, from 2000 to 2006. I studied Chinese at National Cheng-Kung University, while teaching EFL at various schools, including a high school, where I taught for the last two years. Realizing that I needed to upgrade my skills and qualifications, I decided to come to Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia, where I am now earning a Master in TESOL at the University of Southern Queensland. I am also teaching in Study Tours, with groups of students from Korea and Japan, who come and study here for a few weeks to a month.

    As for my teaching philosophy, I enjoy monitoring my pupils in their aspirations of learning and engaging in the English language and its culture. It is my aim to ensure that all of my students excel in their academic and personal lives. Now, more than ever, sociolinguistics and communicative language teaching are at the forefront of the syllabus; thus, it is my goal to make sure that my scholars learn proper, academic English, as well as English used in authentic, real-life situations.

    Michael learned Mandarin Chinese while living in Tainan, Taiwan in the early 2000s at National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) 國立成功大學, usually ranked in the top three in Taiwan.
    Michael specializes in speaking and listening, while students can definitely learn reading as well as grammar and sentence structure. Writing is best done in a student's own time.
    Michael can teach you the context of the words and Chinese through the cultures of China and Taiwan. Moreover, he can add his own sentences and questions to the lessons in order to make it conversational and fun for you. He can also tailor make the lessons according to your own specific needs.
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