• Name: Felix R
  • Los Angeles Classes: English Second Language, German, Hungarian, Latin
  • Locations: Massachusetts
  • About: Servus! My name is Felix Read. I was born and spent most of my life in Bavaria, so the “Oktoberfest and Lederhosen” part of Germany. From the moment I started speaking, I would find myself code-switching between my family’s rural dialect and Standard German. German thus is both my native tongue and something I had to “learn” – so be assured I can empathize with my students! My first job was as a German instructor during my days as an exchange student to Hungary. Ever since then, I have tutored a broad variety of people from different backgrounds in German, English as a Second Language, Hungarian and even Ancient Hebrew. In 2021, I even had the unique opportunity to work as a German teacher at German high school. Additionally, I worked as an editor for learning materials, which allows me to tailor my content to my students’ needs. With me as a teacher, my students will discover the many similarities between English and German, tell their own stories instead of just listening to textbook dialogues, or how to write e-mails like a native speaker.
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