• Name: YIFAN W
  • Los Angeles Classes: Chinese
  • Locations: Taiwan
  • About: Name: Yvonne About: Hello, my name is Yvonne and I'm from Taiwan. I am majoring in Hospitality Management in Taiwan and will be graduating in 2024. Currently studying Korean in Busan, South Korea, and will return to Taiwan in June, 2023. I love learning foreign languages and find it interesting to make friends with local language. I think my strength is being able to teach difficult Chinese pronunciation correctly. Chinese is divided into Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese, and I can teach both Chinese. As for my teaching philosophy, I think the most important thing in learning Chinese is pronunciation, so I will teach pronunciation clearly from the beginning. Practice makes perfect, so I will arrange simple homework. My teaching style is flexible, and sometimes I also listen to Chinese songs or watch Chinese videos as teaching materials.
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