• Name: Linna P
  • Los Angeles Classes: Chinese
  • Locations: Boulder
  • About: Ni Hao, my name is Linna. I was born and raised in China and received a postgraduate degree in Chinese language and literature. I have taught Chinese to students from different countries for over 30 years. With my experience, I truly understand how to teach Chinese as a second language. I think you will find me to be a very patient and friendly teacher. If you study with me, I aim to help you feel relaxed. My lessons will be focused on your needs. We can study together in a simple and friendly learning atmosphere. I guarantee that after 2-3 months of study, you will be able to communicate in Chinese or do some Chinese reading by yourself, and your listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills will be improved. Trust me, I can help you achieve your dream!

    Teaching Approach

    My approach to teaching Chinese as a tutor would focus on creating an engaging and interactive learning environment that fosters curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking. I would begin by assessing the needs and goals of my student, whether they are looking to improve their Chinese language skills for personal or professional reasons.
    From there, I would create a customized curriculum that includes a variety of teaching methods and materials, such as textbooks, online resources, and multimedia content. My teaching approach would also involve a lot of practice and feedback to help my students build confidence and proficiency in speaking, reading, writing, and listening.
    In addition to traditional language instruction, I would incorporate cultural and historical aspects of China into my lessons, which would give my students a deeper understanding and appreciation of the language and the culture that it represents. Overall, my teaching approach would be tailored to the unique needs and learning styles of each individual student, to help them achieve fluency and proficiency in Chinese.

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