• Name: Bi yin X
  • Los Angeles Classes: Chinese
  • Locations: Shanghai
  • About: Nǐ hǎo, Who am I ? (Wǒ shì shéi?) As an Ancient history lover I spend my time learning about historical facts from various perspectives,and continue to follow up with the global updates in my capacity. During my stay in the US, I also did cross-cultural reflections that help my current career well. Now, enjoy the life and remote work in Shanghai. I love sharing my native language Mandarin with visualized & scenario-based methodology Including some short videos I shot/edited & integrated! Certainly, I am open to know more about this world, while I enjoy working from home. As an online on-going language contractor for an European consulate and an American e-learning company, and I also would like to develop more programs through e-learning platforms in my spare time. I'm good at time management due to I work from home without road trip. It is truly believed in a communicative and interactive class will bring us a great deal of understanding and smiles, which can relax both the instructor and the learners. Learning from some mistakes, and improving by my professional coach. If you want an effective and visualized way of learning Mandarin easily, please book a demo class. I know I will be a good fit for those adult learners and professionals whom would like to know more about China and Chinese culture and business through learning Mandarin as one of effective pathways. Xie xie Thanks
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