• Name: Osman A
  • Los Angeles Classes: Turkish
  • Locations: Cape Town, South Africa
  • About: Selamlar! This is Osman. I have bachelor's and master's degree from the department of Turkish Language and Literature. Also, I have been doing my PhD for 3 years now at Yıldız Technical University where I finished my bachelor and master. I have over 9 years of experience in teaching Turkish and I have worked for both state and private universities and language courses. My hometown is a small city called Elazığ (Yes, there are interesting and different characters in Turkish such as "I/ı, Ğ/ğ, Ö/ö..." (: but no worries, your teacher is here) but I have lived half of my life in Istanbul. Although my hometown has one of the best nature and I really love it, Istanbul is my favorite city. I do not think I need to mention my passion on studying and reading, so I will mention the others (: I am a traveller who has seen many countries and countless cities both in Turkey and abroad. I have lived abroad for few years and taught Turkish wherever I have lived. After living and working as a Turkish teacher in USA and Greece, my new journey has just started with Cape Town, South Africa (: Besides travelling, I am a big ocean and nature fan. Swimming and free diving is becoming a passion to me after playing European football. Other than that, learning about different culture and folklore has always been intriguing me a lot and this leads me to keep interact with different people. I took one step further and changed this to a profession in my early ages (: So, I am here to hear and learn about your culture and country but only in Turkish (: I would love if you are the one who is speaking more than me so in this way, after a short while of learning Turkish, we can start sharing more and having deeper conversations. This will lead both sides to gain different perspectives at each others life.
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