• Name: Pedro D
  • Los Angeles Classes: Portuguese
  • About: Olá, my name is Pedro, and I am born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I can divide the story of my relationship with languages into three topics: Literature, Linguistics and Language Learning, not necessarily in this order. As a child, I fell in love with books. Literature was one of the first doors to the appreciation of my language and culture. Reading has always been one of my hobbies, and I believe it is good practice for every language student. As a teenager, I felt joy understanding the logic behind the grammar rules in both my native tongue and in English. Growing up, I came to realize that Linguistics is a science that studies the natural, human phenomenon of language, and that the most beautiful lesson comes from Descriptive Grammar – that every dialect has its own internal grammar that is just as efficient and logical as the standard grammar. As an adult, studying the theories behind Language Learning, I learned how to learn, after having spent many years in the journey towards fluency in English, and then I learned how to teach. I am also fluent in Spanish, and I am currently studying Latin. Now I am an advocate of the Natural Method of learning, in which the student acquires the language in a conversational, context-focused environment. My teaching experience ranges from in person to online, at a physical school to at the student’s house; groups to private classes; as a full-time teacher or as freelancer; children and adults. Nowadays, I live in the US, and I am happy to work with what I love.
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