• Name: Marianna N
  • Los Angeles Classes: Italian
  • Locations: Burbank, Los Feliz, Los Angeles
  • About: My name is Marianna and I hold a Ph.D. in Italian from UCLA. Piacere! I am excited for you to learn all things Italian! Born and raised in the countryside of the Po Valley between the cities of Bologna and Ferrara, I moved to the US to pursue my academic career. I’ve been teaching at different institutions in Los Angeles since 2009! I LOVE my culture and my goal is to make you fall in love with it too! As a Language Teacher at Strommen, a Graduate Student Researcher at UC Santa Barbara, a Teaching Fellow at UCLA, and a private Tutor at LILA for the Italian IB Test, I gained extensive experience in developing, coordinating, and teaching the Italian language and culture to students age 5 and up! Students describe my teaching as “dynamic, congenial, interactive, engaging, and anxiety-free.” They praise me for being “professional, caring, helpful, energetic, enthusiastic, encouraging, and inspiring.” I am a native speaker of Italian, a near Native-speaker of English, and I am also fluent in Spanish and proficient in French. “Well. How does this affect my learning?” you may ask. If you’re an anglophone, hispanophone, or francophone I will show you how to delve into your linguistic arsenal to master Italian. Whether you want to learn basic Italian, dive into Italian literature, cinema, or art, master your academic writing skills, study opera songs (yes, I taught singers from the LA Phil), or learn standard pronunciation (I also work with actors), I can help you! Cosa aspetti? (what are you waiting for?) Let’s learn Italian together! A presto e grazie! Marianna
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