"Hay Cuatro Gatos"

“Hay Cuatro Gatos”- Spanish Idiom Translation

What does “Hay Cuatro Gatos” mean in English ?

This expression directly translates as “There are four cats.”

This Spanish idiom is used to say ” There are a few people”

The English equivalent is “There’s hardly anyone.”

In this case if you are only 4 cats, you are at a very empty/probably boring party, place or event. This Idiom can use either “Ser” or “Hay” to either include yourself in the statement (ser)  or when talking more descriptively (hay).

Examples of “Hay Cuatro Gatos”

“La fiesta de Luis fue bastante aburrida, ¡sólo había cuatro gatos allí!”

           The party at Luis´place was pretty boring, there was hardly anyone there.

“Finalmente tuvieron que suspender las clases de cocina en la universidad porque sólo se habían apuntado cuatro gatos.”

           In the end, the cooking classes at the university were cancelled because  almost no one signed up.

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