How to use Madres in Mexican Spanish Slang

Spanish Mexican Slang: How to use “Madre”

We are back to mentando madres here on the Strommen blog (read below to see what that means!). Madre is a word that you hear a lot in Spanish Mexican slang. The word, of course, means “Mother.” But when used in Mexican slang the word is actually used to accentuate other words or sentences, and makes them more powerful. Check out the examples below to learn how to use “Madre” to highlight important terms in your sentences and sound like a native speaker.


Poca madre / a toda Madre / con Madre:

This usage means “very cool” or “very nice.”


Este nuevo ristorante está poca madre = This new restaurant is very cool.


This interesting term means to make a mess or for something to be a mess. In its verb form “Desmadrar” can also mean to destroy something.


Desmadraste mi carro cuando te la presté = you destroyed my car when I lent it to you.

El es un desmadre = You are a messed up guy (in a playful way)

El tornado hizo de este ciudad un desmadre = The tornado made this city a mess.

De a Madre:

This is similar to saying “un chingo” which means a lot.


Tengo de a madre de dineroI’ve got a lot of money

A raja madre:

means to go very fast.


Las motocicletas van a rata madre: The motorcycles drive like crazy.

Chingada Madre:

Goddamit (see Chingar)


Chingada madre! Perdimos el juego ayer.Dammit we lost the game yesterday.

Chinga tu madre:

Have you heard this one? If so, the person probably wasn’t to happy with you. There is nothing worse than getting cursed at and not knowing what is being said. WARNING – Explicit language ahead: This one literally means, “Fuck your mother,” but really means “fuck you” or “go fuck yourself”


Eres un cabron. Chinga tu madreYou’re a bastard. Fuck you!

Chingar la Madre:

(See chingar) This one means to be annoying, or to annoy someone.


Me estas chingando la madre: You’re breaking my balls.

Chingue su Madre:

This is used as an exclamation like “Fuck it” before saying something that you will be doing impulsively.


Chingue su madre. Voy a comprar un Porsche = Fuck it. I’m buying a porsche.

Esa/Esta/Aquella Madre:

This is similar to the expression chingadera. It means “stuff” or “things.”


Pasáme esa madre = pass me that stuff

Mentar Madres:

This expression means to curse.


El estaba mentando madres todo el rato = He was cursing all the time

Valer Madre / No valer madre:

This expression means to be bad at something. Both the negative and normal form mean the same thing.


No vales madre jugando ping pong = You suck at playing ping pong.

Me vale madre:

I don’t give a damn.


Me vale madre el superbowl = I don’t give a damn about the superbowl.

Romper la madre:

To beat someone up badly.


Ese cabrón rompió la madre a mi hermano = That asshole beat up my brother.


A punch or a strike.


Mira que buenos madrazos da ese luchador = Check out what great punches that fighter throws.

For more examples check this link!



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