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Lights, Camera, Français: Exploring the Best French Movies To Watch in 2024

Welcome to our guide on the best French movies to watch!

You’ve come to the perfect spot if you want to lose yourself in the elegance of French language and take in stunning cinematography and engrossing stories. In this blog post, we’ll look at how watching French movies can be a great way to practice and learn the language in addition to being a source of entertainment. 

French movies offer a rich tapestry of language, culture, and storytelling that can profoundly improve your language journey, regardless of your level of proficiency. Beginners eager to master the fundamentals and expert learners looking to hone their skills can both benefit from watching these films. So, grab some popcorn and get ready to discover the magic of French cinema!

French Movies To Watch in 2024

1. Cash / Gold Brick (2023)

Daniel Sauveur (Raphaël Quenard) works in a perfume factory owned by the Breuil family in the fictional town of Chartres. Their wealth and business rule the city. With the assistance of his colleagues, Daniel plans a complex robbery in which hundreds of thousands of euros’ worth of merchandise is stolen each month. Daniel is fed up with the Breuil family taking all the money while doing none of the work.

2. Saint-Omer (2022)

The film Saint Omer is based on the true tale of Fabienne Kabou, who abandoned her 15-month-old baby on a beach during high tide in 2013. Alice Diop, the co-writer and director of the movie, witnessed her trial. The movie centers on novelist Rama, who wants to turn the story into a contemporary version of the Medea myth by attending the trial of Laurence Coly, the Kabou-inspired character. This film is so full of emotion that it will leave you speechless.

3. Loin Du Périph / The Takedown (2022)

Loin du périph was the sixth-most-watched non-English film on Netflix ever after it was released. In this action comedy, which is a follow-up to De l’autre côté du périph (2012), actors Omar Sy and Laurent Lafitte play Dakité and Monge, respectively, two unlikely Parisian “flics” (cops) who have very different personalities and styles of working. After being reunited, the two look into an apparently straightforward drug deal that turns out to involve many more risks than each had imagined.

4. Anatomie D’une Chute / Anatomy Of A Fall (2023)

It’s understandable why Anatomie d’une chute was one of the most talked-about movies of 2023. The plot, which is set in Switzerland, picks up steam when German wife Sandra’s husband, Samuel, is discovered dead in their remote chalet. A probe into this “suspicious death” is started, putting Sandra’s relationship with their partially sighted son Daniel to the test. Daniel is the lone witness. There is conversation in both French and English in this compelling movie!

5. Hawa (2022)

The title girl, Hawa, who lives in Paris with her grandmother, experiences a coming-of-age tale in Hawa. Hawa’s only goal after learning that her grandma has become unwell is to stay out of foster care. How can this be achieved? Hawaii will request that Michelle Obama adopt her during the US first lady’s planned trip to France. Her trip is both inspiring and whimsical.

6. Fumer Fait Tousser / Smoking Causes Coughing (2022)

Critics praised Quentin Dupieux’s film Fumer fait tousser, which he both directed and wrote, for its sharp and absurd sense of humor. The movie follows the “Tobacco Force,” a group of five superheroes, as they depart for a required retreat in an effort to mend fences with one another. Everything is going smoothly on the retreat until they have to face the Emperor of Evil, Lézardin. Even if his humor may not be to everyone’s taste, Dupieux delivers one of the funniest and most ridiculous films!

Let’s Watch French Movies!

In conclusion, French movies serve as not just a source of entertainment, but also as a valuable resource for language learners at all levels. Through immersive storytelling, rich dialogue, and cultural insights, these films offer a unique opportunity to enhance your French language skills while enjoying cinematic masterpieces. 

Remember to approach the process of learning a language through French films with curiosity and excitement as you set out on your trip. Try out other genres, participate in conversations with other students, and don’t be scared to pause, fast-forward, and repeat sequences in order to identify subtleties in emotion and language. If you’re committed and persistent, you’ll discover that watching French-language films improves your language skills while also introducing you to fresh viewpoints, meaningful connections, and an appreciation for the elegance of the language.

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