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Strømmen Last Minute Gift Guide for the Language Enthusiast in your life

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Last minute gift guide for the (French, German, Italian, or Spanish) linguist in your life? The Strømmen gift guide has you covered.

If you are looking for the perfect gift for the language lover, look no further. Strømmen has you covered with great last minute gift ideas for the French, German, Spanish and Italian lovers in your life. Whether they love the food, experiences, language or products, we have something for everyone.

When composing our gift guide we tried to think of things that create experiences. Research shows that objects typically only create 6-8 weeks of enjoyment, however experiences last much longer.

All of the gifts below:

  1. Are experiential. They create a cultural experience or can be used with an activity.
  2. Can be ordered and delivered via Amazon with 2-day shipping (arrives before Christmas)
  3. Are great for those that love to study language or are obsessed with French, Spanish, Mexican, Italian, or German culture (like we are!).
  4. If you want to get your special someone something that is truly experiential consider gifting them a VIP private online class or maybe some French, Spanish, Italian, or German texts like an easy reader.

Last Minute French Gift Ideas for Francophiles:

1. Diptyque Set of Candles

This one is a real no-brainer. Diptyque was founded by interior designer Christiane Gautrot, theatre set designer Yves Coueslant and Desmond Knox-Leet, a painter. The boutique in Paris was originally a bazaar of fabrics and exotic treasures unlike anything else. As demand grew, the trio quite literally followed their noses and began launching their scented candles in 1963 and a unisex eau de toilette called L’Eau in 1968. If you haven’t smelled one before, you are in for a treat. We recommend the sampler or the Baies candle below. You can also get a VIP private French online class!


-Click on the image above for Amazon link.

Last Minute Italian Gifts Ideas for Italophiles

1. Gift Baskets from Eataly

If you love Italy, Italian culture, and Italian food – and you happen to live in Los Angeles, we highly recommend checking out Eataly. When you step inside you will first be confronted with the BAR, typically full of Italians getting a Caffe or Cappuccino. The food at the restaurants is good. But if you are in the mood for a good Carbonara at home, it’s the ingredients and market that will leave you feeling like you just took a day trip to Rome. They have some beautiful gift baskets. Or if you don’t have time you can get this highly rated Italian gift basket we recommend in 24 hours. You can also get a VIP private Italian online class!

Last Minute Spanish Gifts Ideas for Iberophiles

1. An actual piece of land in Spain

If buying an olive grove in Sevilla isn’t in the budget, why not gift an unusual yet symbolic gift that any Spain lover will appreciate? The unique idea is an actual piece of land in Spain. The certificate you get for under $50 will put a smile on your loved one’s face. You can also get a VIP private Spanish online class!

2. A Gaudi Table top book

Packed full of expert texts and hundreds of full-color illustrations, including new photography, this book presents Gaudí’s complete oeuvre. Like a personal tour through Barcelona, they explore his residential, religious, and public projects. You will see how the “Dante of architecture” was a builder in the truest sense of the word, crafting extraordinary constructions out of minute and mesmerizing details, transforming fantastical visions into realities on the city streets. You can also get a VIP private Spanish online class!

Last Minute Mexican Gifts Ideas for Iberophiles

1. Authentic handmade molcajete 

If you have someone in your life that is obsessed with Mexico & Mexican cuisine we know they will love an authentic handmade molcajete (pronounced Molkahete). This is a traditional Mexican mortar and pestle. Molcajete is the pre-Hispanic version of mortar and pestle often used in Mexican cuisine. Molcajetes are made from volcanic rocks and the rough and rugged surface they provide makes grinding easier. Besides being rougher and “grinder” than the mortar and pestle you may already own, they have a distinct charm that will work in any kitchen! You can also get a VIP private Spanish online class!

German Gift Ideas for Germanophiles

1. German Beer brewing kit

Munich is calling and Oktoberfest is here, wherever and whenever you want “here” to be. With a light red hue, subtle bitterness, caramel sweetness, and a clean dry finish, you can enjoy this full-bodied, malty beer just like they do in old Bavaria. This experiential German-themed gift is sure to impress and please the Germanophile in your life. You can also get a VIP private German online class!



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