Renata V    I'm Renata, your bilingual guide to Spanish adventure! Born in Mexico City, I bring tailored, enjoyable classes to you

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 Teaches: Spanish     Specialties: Mexican Spanish

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¡Hola, mi nombre es Renata! I was born in Mexico City and grew up in a bi cultural family where Mexican and American cultures fascinated me with the interaction of words and the diffusion of ideas. Hence, I am fluent in both English and Spanish. I have a B.A. in Marketing and have always been passionate about teaching and helping people.I have been teaching Spanish for over 12 years.

In Mexico, I enjoyed teaching English as a Second Language to people of all ages. I love helping students learn Spanish and try to make the classes interesting, tailored to their needs and interests. I believe that making the experience of learning a new language something fun and meaningful, is the key to truly understanding the language and embracing it as your own. When you create a strong connection with a new language, you are opening your mind to new and exciting possibilities that will surely bring about memorable adventures. I am really looking forward to meeting you and starting this new adventure together!
¡Nos vemos pronto!

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  • What is your favorite word in your language and why?

    Amigo - it's the word for friend!

  • What is your favorite dish from your hometown? If you no longer live there is there a good local restaurant that serves it?

    Chilaquiles are the best!

  • Besides the languages you teach, do you speak or study any other languages?

    I know some French and am trying to learn Japanese.

  • What are your interests outside of teaching at Strommen?

    I love connecting with people.

  • What do you consider your hometown? Why do you love it?

    Mexico City, it is the city with most museums in the world!

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Jul 15 - Jul 21, 2024