"Of Course" in Spanish

Ways to Say “Of Course” in Spanish

“Of course” in Spanish is a phrase that resonates with versatility and richness, much like the language itself. 

In various situations, acknowledging agreement, affirmation, or expressing consent requires a nuanced approach in Spanish. Here, we explore the diverse ways to convey “Of course” in Spanish, adding depth to your linguistic toolbox.

Ways of Saying “Of Course” in Spanish

1. Por Supuesto

Meaning: “Por supuesto” translates directly to “of course” in English. It is a common and straightforward way to express agreement or confirmation.

Usage: This phrase is suitable for both formal and informal situations.

Example Conversation:

Person 1: ¿Podemos reunirnos mañana para discutir el proyecto? (Can we meet tomorrow to discuss the project?)

Person 2: ¡Por supuesto! Estaré allí a las 10 am. (Of course! I’ll be there at 10 am.)

2. Desde Luego

Meaning: “Desde luego” translates to “of course” or “certainly.” It carries a sense of certainty and conviction in agreement.

Usage: It is a polite and widely accepted phrase suitable for both formal and informal contexts.

Example Conversation:

Person 1: ¿Podrías ayudarme con este favor? (Could you help me with this favor?)

Person 2: Desde luego, estaré encantado de ayudarte. (Of course, I’ll be glad to help you.)

3. Sin Duda

Meaning: “Sin duda” means “without a doubt” or “no doubt.” It conveys strong affirmation and certainty.

Usage: It’s suitable for emphasizing agreement, confirming something unquestionably, or showing confidence.

Example Conversation:

Person 1: ¿Crees que ganaremos el partido? (Do you think we’ll win the game?)

Person 2: Sin duda, tenemos un gran equipo. (Of course, we have a great team.)

4. Efectivamente

Meaning: “Efectivamente” translates to “indeed” or “certainly.” It emphasizes accuracy and correctness.

Usage: It’s often used to confirm or validate a statement in a precise manner.

Example Conversation:

Person 1: Este informe es exacto y completo. (This report is accurate and comprehensive.)

Person 2: Efectivamente, está bien hecho. (Indeed, it is well done.)

5. Ciertamente

Meaning: “Ciertamente” means “certainly” or “of course.” It’s a formal and polite way to express agreement or consent.

Usage: Use this in formal or professional settings to convey agreement definitively.

Example Conversation:

Person 1: ¿Podemos proceder con el plan propuesto? (Can we proceed with the proposed plan?)

Person 2: Ciertamente, es una buena estrategia. (Of course, it’s a good strategy.)

How To Use Each Expression Appropriately

"Of Course" in Spanish

Before choosing an expression to convey “Of course” in Spanish, consider the context and level of formality. Here are some tips to use each phrase appropriately:

  • Por Supuesto: Use “Por supuesto” in both formal and informal settings. It’s versatile and suitable for most situations.
  • Desde Luego: Employ “Desde luego” to emphasize agreement with certainty in a polite and friendly manner.
  • Sin Duda: Reserve “Sin duda” for situations where you want to express strong agreement or affirmation.
  • Efectivamente: Choose “Efectivamente” to confirm a statement with precision and accuracy.
  • Ciertamente: Opt for “Ciertamente” in formal or professional conversations to convey a strong and formal agreement.

Are You Ready To Talk Spanish? Of Course You Are!

Mastering various ways to say “Of course” in Spanish not only enhances your linguistic skills but also allows for a more nuanced and culturally attuned communication. 

“Por supuesto,” “desde luego,” “sin duda,” “efectivamente,” and “ciertamente” all contribute unique shades of meaning and formality to your expressions. Incorporate these phrases into your Spanish repertoire and enrich your conversational abilities. ¡Hasta la próxima! (Until next time!)Interested in learning Spanish? Our expert staff will get in touch within 24 hours, and you can start practicing your Spanish right away. Or sign up for a group class (online or in person) or test your level for free with our free quizzes.



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