150 Most Common Italian Verbs

Are you a beginner looking to learn Italian verbs? You’ve come to the right place! Here is a master list with 150 of the most common Italian verbs, for you to memorize and start using right away. We’ve included example sentences, so you can see how to use them properly. Want to know what level your Italian is? Take our Free Italian level test.

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The 150 Most Common Italian Verbs

Frequency Number Italian In English
1 Essere To be
2 Avere To have
3 Fare To do
4 Andare To go
5 Potere To be able to
6 Dare To give
7 Volere To want
8 Venire To come
9 Dovere To have to
10 Stare To stay/ to remain/ to be
11 Dire To say
12 Sapere To know
13 Vedere To see
14 Mangiare To eat
15 Parlare To speak
16 Uscire To go out
17 Prendere To take
18 Piacere To like
19 Leggere To read
20 Amare To love
21 Bere To drink
22 Finire To finish
23 Capire To understand
24 Arrivare to arrive
25 Scrivere To write
26 Partire To leave
27 Mettere To put
28 Rimanere To remain
29 Dormire To sleep
30 Vivere To live
31 Conoscere To know – in the sense of being acquainted with or familiar with something or someone
32 Sentire To hear
33 Cucinare To cook
34 Studiare To study
35 Giocare To play
36 Chiedere To ask
37 Trovare To find
38 Credere To believe
39 Aprire To open
40 Lavorare To work
41 Pensare To think
42 Correre To run
43 Tenere To hold
44 Guardare To watch
45 Chiamare To call
46 Tornare To return
47 Salire To go up
48 Preferire To prefer
49 Morire To die
50 Aspettare To wait
51 Comprare To buy
52 Nascere To be born
53 Cercare To look for
54 Perdere To loose
55 Cantare To sing
56 Passare To pass
57 Cominciare To begin
58 Ascoltare To listen to
59 Riuscire To be able to
60 Decidere To decide
61 Abitare To inhabit
62 Cadere To fall
63 Chiudere To close
64 Lasciare To leave
65 Scegliere To choose
66 Portare To bring
67 Ricevere To receive
68 Lavare To clean
69 Rispondere To respond
70 Sedere To sit
71 Vincere To win
72 Pagare To pay
73 Alzare To get up
74 Ridere To laugh
75 Scendere To descend
76 Incontrare To encounter
77 Offrire To offer
78 Imparare To learn
79 Dimenticare To forget
80 Svegliare To wake up
81 Crescere To grow
82 Vendere To sell
Divertire To amuse
84 Diventare To become
85 Porre To place
86 Entrare To enter
87 Temere To fear
88 Pulire To clean
89 Vestire To dress
90 Seguire To follow
91 Restare To stay
92 Cambiare To change
93 Viaggiare To travel
94 Spegnere To turn off
95 Ricordare To remember
96 Apparire To appear
97 Aiutare To help
98 Tacere To be silent
99 Spedire To send
100 Preparare To prepare
101 Consentire To consent
102 Infastidire To annoy
103 Discutere To argue
104 Tentare To tempt
105 Attirare To attract
106 Appartenere To belong 
107 Acquistare To purchase
108 Catturare To capture
109 Festeggiare To celebrate
110 Confrontare To confront
111 Sognare To dream
112 Guadagnare To earn
113 Volare To fly
114 Salutare To greet
115 Appendere To hang
116 Sperare To hope
117 Informare To inform
118 Presentare To present
119 Saltare To jump
120 Invitare To invite
121 Baciare To kiss
122 Mancare To miss
123 Mentire To lie
124 Sposare To marry
125 Traslocare To move
126 Bisognare To need
127 Pingere To paint
128 Vietare To forbid
129 Tirare To throw/ to pull
130 Calcolare To calculate
131 Affittare To rent
132 Riparare To fix
133 Condividere To share
134 Gridare To yell
135 Mostrare To display
136 Spendere To spend
137 Sorridere To smile
138 Fumare To smoke
139 Assaggiare To taste
140 Lanciare To launch
141 Nuotare To swim
142 Indossare To wear
143 Augurare To express good wishes
144 Ringraziare To thank
145 Ballare To dance
146 Camminare To walk
147 Aggiungere To add
148 Annoiare To bore
149 Abbassare To lower
150 Adorare To adore

most common italian verbs

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