Book your next job by perfecting your accent or a foriegn language

Strommen has 7 years of experience helping actors perfect accents and foreign language dialogue. From helping Keanu Reeves with histporically accurate Japanese in the upcoming Samurai movie Ronin 47, to ensuring perfect bavarian accents in Captain america super soldier, our team can help you prepare for an audition, or assist you in preparing for the shoot. Check out our past projects to see some of our most notable work.

Many actors also use strommen to learn a foreign language to allow them more career possibilities. Ask about our Spanish for actors course for more info.


Rates for accent coaching start at
$55 hourly
$450 for 10 hours ($45 hourly)
$350 for 20 hours ($35 hourly)

Additional fee for travel and on-set work.


Submit a student application here and we will be in touch within 24 hours with a personalized recommendation for your needs, or just give us a call M-F 9am to 5pm at 323 638 9787 – You can also check our FAQ for more info!