how to say cheers in Ukrainian

How do you say “Cheers” in Ukrainian?

How do you say Cheers in Ukrainian?

The most unique and specifically Ukrainian way of saying cheers in Ukrainian is:

Cheers = Budmo (будмо) pronounced Budj-mah 

Meaning in English is = Let us be

Then you can sing a little song “Budmo budmo hey..” Check out our video below for an example and for pronunciation.

This word is sure to make quick friends. It’s always worth incorporating the most well-known Ukrainian toast to express cheers. Not only will this make you appear more like a native speaker, but it will also undoubtedly leave a lasting impression on those you are spending time with. Additionally, being familiar with local customs and traditions can facilitate stronger connections and enhance your overall experience.

Why Budmo? Because you should embrace the Cossack Spirit! While ‘na zdorovya’ is an acceptable toast in Ukraine, it’s also commonly used in Russia and Poland. To display a more distinctly Ukrainian touch, opt for ‘budmo’ (cheers) instead. To truly amaze your Ukrainian acquaintances, enthusiastically shout ‘budmo,’ and you’ll hear the crowd respond with ‘hey!’ Repeat this process, and after the third time, rapidly say ‘budmo’ thrice in a row. The group will respond with three consecutive ‘heys,’ followed by cheerful celebrations all around!

Here are some more options for saying Cheers in Ukrainian in the order they are commonly toasted.


First toast:

za zustrich = Ukrainian toast to the occasion

In Ukraine, there aren’t any strict guidelines for toasting (with the exception of Toast #3), but typically, the initial toast is dedicated to the occasion that brought everyone together. Is it someone’s birthday? Toast to the birthday celebrant. A reunion with former classmates? Raise a glass to the university, graduation, or the classmates themselves. Teacher’s Day? You understand the pattern. It can simply be a toast “For our gathering” (za zustrich).

Second Toast:

Za druzi / Budmo= Ukrainian toast to Friends and hapiness

The second toast is more ambiguous than the first, but it often encompasses a mix of themes, such as to friends (za druzi), to friendship (za druzba), to happiness (za shchastya), or to health (na zdorovya). You can choose to toast all of them together or divide them for subsequent toasts.

Third Toast (always to love)

a lyubov = Ukrainian toast to love

The third toast consistently revolves around love (za lyubov), representing the sole unwavering principle in Ukrainian toasting traditions. It doesn’t have to be exclusively focused on romantic love (though that’s always appreciated), but it must pertain to the concept of love. Expressions such as “to the love of my life,” “to rediscovering love,” or “to adoring Dynamo Kyiv” can all be suitable here. This toast is typically proposed by men to women (though a distinct toast dedicated to women is also possible). If that’s the case, the men should rise to their feet.

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