What does Slava Ukraini mean

What does “Slava Ukraini” Mean and what does the reply “Heroyam Slava” mean?

What does Slava Ukraini mean and what is the response?

Slava Ukraini (Слава Україні!) =  Glory to Ukraine


And what is the response to Slava Ukraini?

Heróyam sláva! “Glory to the heroes!” (Ukrainian: Героям слава!)


If you have been following the war in Ukraine closely you will have surely heard the expression Slava Ukraini and the common reply Heroyam slava. Usually this refrain can be heard by people waving Ukrainian flags and greeting troops. You can also explore other common words, mostly Ukrainian curse words here, as well as our list of Russian curse words here.

The History of the expression Slava Ukraini:

The phrase Slava Ukraini first appeared at the beginning of the 20th century in different variations, when it became popular among Ukrainians during the Ukrainian War of Independence from 1917 to 1921. From the 1930s it was used by different Ukrainian groups, as well as Ukrainian diaspora groups and refugee communities in the West during the Cold War. In the Soviet Union the phrase was forbidden and discredited by Soviet and later Russian authorities. The phrase eventually resurfaced in Ukraine during the country’s struggle for independence in connection with the fall of the Soviet Union. Its use was revived again during the 2014 Ukrainian revolution and the Russo-Ukrainian War, during which it became a widely popular symbol in Ukraine.

The phrase has gained worldwide attention during the ongoing 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine and has subsequently been used in protests in support of Ukraine around the world.


Showing Support for Ukraine with the Expression:

The expression Slava Ukraini has now become a battle cry and a way for the international community to show support. Companies like St Javelin offer clothing and stickers with the slogan that then directly support the war effort. Similarly there are other expressions that show dislike of Russia.



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