How to say hello in Ukrainian

How to say hello in Ukrainian – pryvit and more

How do you say “Hello” in Ukrainian = Pryvit

There are many ways – formal, informal, good evening etc. My friend Andy let me know that the most critical greeting is simply: Pryvit Watch our video below for a pronunciation guide!

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There are also some other Ukrainian greetings:

  1. Hello in Ukrainian = Pryvit!  (see our video below) The greeting “привіт” is used so frequently that some speakers opt for its other forms such as “привітик” [pryvityk] or “привітулі” [pryvituli] to stand out. Sending a casual “привітик” to your Ukrainian friends via text is sure to make a good impression.
  2. Hello! (formal) = Добрий день! [dobryi den’] –  Добридень! [dobryden’] – Hello! (shortened form of “добрий день”) This greeting is the most universal and commonly used. You can use it in various situations, such as in a store, train station, or workplace. “Добрий день” literally translates to “a good day”, but the time of day isn’t crucial. You can say it from 9 am to 6 pm, as long as it’s not dark outside.
  3. Good morning!= Доброго ранку! [dobroho ranku]The phrase “Доброго ранку” translates to “good morning” and is used in various situations, just like “Добрий день”. You can use it to greet your loved one who just woke up, the bus driver on your commute, or your colleague at the start of a workday. The distinction between when the morning ends and when “Добрий день” begins is entirely up to you, but it’s best to avoid saying “Доброго ранку” after 12 pm. While the correct phrase is “Доброго ранку,” you may also hear “Добрий ранок.”
  4. Good evening! = Добрий вечір! [dobryi vechir] – Additionally, “Добрий вечір” translates to “good evening” and should only be used when it’s dark outside. This greeting is neutral, so you can use it in both formal and informal situations.Fun fact! The most well-known Christmas carol in Ukraine begins with the phrase “Добрий вечір тобі, пане господарю” which translates to “Good evening, the host of this house.”


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