Accent Reduction

What is accent reduction? Quite simply, it is a way for you to perfect your Standard American accent.

Our 1 on 1 accent reduction program is perfect for Actors, or anyone who would like to finally perfect their spoken English. For non-actors head over to our main accent reduction in Los Angeles page. In traditional English Second Language classes and English Foreign Language classes pronunciation is often over-looked. Accent reduction classes are perfect for mastering the standard American accent and taking your language skills to the ultimate level.

Strommen’s accent reduction classes are tailored to your needs and background. Strommen creates exercises specifically tailored to your unique pronunciation problems that are based on the American Phonetic alphabet and allow you to correct yourself logically, effectively and efficiently.

After as little as 1 hour of classes your teacher will give you methods for correcting your pronunciation outside of class. However, recommend taking about 10 hours of classes to experience significant results.

Our accent reduction specialists are experts with college degrees in the field, film and TV credits working with actors, as well as training and certification from a range of institutions.