Test Prep

Just because the test is standardized doesn’t mean your test prep program has to be. At Strommen we believe in the power of 1 on 1 test preparation.

A qualified Strommen teacher will guide you on a personalized study plan and check your progress at regular intervals. Our teachers are personable, talented and have proven results. Private classes are much more effective than group classes because of the ability to focus in on your individual needs and learning style.

We understand the importance of your upcoming test. The score can determine what school you get into, what scholarships you qualify for and more (but no pressure!).

Luckily test preparation is a pretty straightforward process. If you know the material, format, and strategies you will get a great score.

Why do some companies try and make this process seem so complicated? We aren’t sure, but at Strommen our goal is to take the stress out, get results and help you learn something in the process. All for a price that makes sense too.

Strommen Tests offers test prep for SAT, ISEE, ACT, GRE, LSAT, GMAT and more.