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3 Fun Ways to say “Bye” in French

Why settle for “Goodbye” when you can casually say “later.” Instead of “see you next time” you might informally say, “see you.” Some of the most interesting words are idiomatic, slang expressions. These are the words that only exist in French, and perhaps bring that unique perspective only a new language can provide.

Instead of the classic “au revoir,” try one of these three fun ways to say goodbye in French:


Bisous = Kisses

The French love to end phone calls by saying bisous (“kisses”) or je t’embrasse (“kisses”/“hugs”).

À plus = See you

This is the somewhat slang version of “see you later” for those of you in a hurry. Its the short form of à plus tard.

À bientôt = See you soon/later

This one just sounds amazing and is super fun to say.

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