Looking for the best academic tutoring in Los Angeles?

At Strommen we take academics seriously, and our students’ academic success is the proof. Strommen academic tutors are effective because they instruct and organize so that material is learned and deadlines met. However, it isn’t all about the grades.  On a deeper level, Strommen tutors also create a student-teacher rapport that naturally motivates, inspires, and encourages students to achieve. Our tutors have worked with students from Los Angeles’ most prestigious schools including: Harvard Westlake, Marymount, New Roads, Le Lycée Francais de Los Angeles, Poly,  and many more.

Our academic tutors know what it takes to get the job done and set groundwork that will help students reach academic and professional goals for the rest of your life. Strommen tutors include phi beta kappa and cum laude graduates of John Hopkins, Berkeley, UCLA, NYU, Dartmouth, and Harvard. Strommen teachers are either recent graduates or still pursuing a secondary degree, so their skills are finely tuned.

Our academic tutoring department is ready to help with Math, Science, Study Skills, Latin, English Lit, History, Special Needs and Bilingual Tutoring and Languages, Test Prep, College Applications, and we also offer Summer Programs!