English Lit

English Lit Tutor Los Angeles

Strommen English tutors are equally comfortable helping middle school students with language arts vocabulary tests as they are UCLA students with Shakespeare 105b papers. Strommen English Tutors have helped students at some of Los Angeles’ most demanding English departments, including Harvard Westlake, Loyola, New Roads, Poly, UCLA and USC. Writing an “A” paper can be a daunting task, a Strommen tutor will help you to organize your research, brainstorm, outline your essay and revise it to achieve your full potential in an ethical manner. You will learn an invaluable skill set from your tutor that will assist you with compositions for the rest of your academic and professional career. We recommend starting with an English literature tutor early in the academic year so he or she can discuss reading, track progress, review notes and annotations, as well as offer additional writing instruction well before papers and tests are assigned. Of course, we can also help you with a last minute paper if you have writer’s block!

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