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accent reduction Accent Reduction is seen as a somewhat controversial subject. Maybe Accent reduction is controversial because it should be a part of English 2nd Language, or perhaps because there are many people that claim they can help with it. At Strømmen we have a hyper-focused Accent reduction program that uses the American Phonetic Alphabet for a scientific approach. At Strommen we feel that it is an important subject and it deserves its own page separate from our English 2nd Language page. Why? Because many people speak and write English at a high level but have not yet perfected the American accent and because we have professionals trained specifically for this purpose. To many people this is not important, but to others having a perfect accent is crucial. For many people an American accent has an impact on their work. We feel that pronunciation is extremely important for all of our languages. Accent reduction is a very hard subject to teach. That is why at Strommen we have experts that use a phonetic system to improve your accent effectively. Strommen creates exercises specifically tailored to your unique pronunciation problems that are based on the American Phonetic alphabet and allow you to correct yourself logically, effectively and efficiently. Our teachers have Linguistics backgrounds and years of experience helping professionals, actors, and people from all walks of life to perfect their accent. For accent reduction for actors please head over to our on set department to see our full range of services for the entertainment industry.  After as little as 1 hour of classes your teacher will give you methods for correcting your pronunciation outside of class. However, recommend taking about 10 hours of classes to experience significant results.


Private Accent Reducton Classes Los Angeles:

1 hour $75 10 hour package $650 ($65 hourly) Best Deal! 20 hour package $1,100 ($55 hourly)

More options and discounts: At your home or office? Add only $20 for travel. Save $10 hourly by taking class with a friend! Ask about our family and corporate discounts. Like us on Facebook for special offers!


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