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We work on 100s of Film and TV shows helping actors to change their accents using scientific methodology. After meeting with our Accent Reduction Experts you will have the tools to improve your accent on your own. If you prefer, you can continue practicing with one of our experts by purchasing a discounted 10 or 20 hour package. Our accent reduction experts have degrees in linguistics and use the IPA to target your specific accent problems. 

Are you tired of people asking you to repeat yourself on the phone?


Accent Reduction is seen as a somewhat controversial subject. Maybe Accent reduction is controversial because it should be a part of English 2nd Language, or perhaps because there are many people that claim they can help with it. We understand this concern, but think that having a wonderful accent, no matter what the language is extremely important. 

At Strommen we feel that it is an important subject and it deserves its own page separate from our English 2nd Language page.

Why? Because many people speak and write English at a high level but have not yet perfected the American accent and because we have professionals trained specifically for this purpose. To many people this is not important, but to others having a perfect accent is crucial. For many people an American accent has an impact on their work and opportunities.

Our teachers have Linguistics backgrounds and years of experience helping professionals, actors, and people from all walks of life to perfect their accent. For accent reduction for actors please head over to our on set department to see our full range of services for the entertainment industry. 

After as little as 1 hour of classes your teacher will give you methods for correcting your pronunciation outside of class. However, recommend taking about 10 hours of classes to experience significant results.

FEATURED Strømmen Accent Reduction Specialist:


Joaquin D.

I graduated from UCLA with a BA in both applied linguistics and Japanese. I specialize in teaching my students to speak with a standard American accent, helping my students to reduce their accents with a scientific approach. With Strømmen I have worked with students of all kinds, including CEOs, Actors and VIPS to help them reduce their accents. At UCLA I was able to go abroad to China for two months and then a year later to Japan for a whole year. I think my experiences abroad have really shaped me as a teacher since being a learner abroad myself has given me a perspective that really helps me understand my students better. I am now at Cal State Los Angeles finishing my MA in TESOL and hope to continue to make friends and help those from abroad.



Private Accent Reducton Classes Los Angeles:

1 hour $90

10 hour package $800 (Save $100)

Best Deal! 20 hour package $1400 (Save $400)


No pressure, you do not have to pay until after your first session.


More options and discounts:
At your home or office? Add only $20 for travel.
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