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Hola - Me llamo Karen. Mucho gusto. I was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina to Armenian parents and immigrated to Los Angeles when I was 10 years old. I’ve been speaking Spanish and Armenian all my life.

I graduated from California State University, Northridge with a B.A. in Journalism and Spanish-Language Journalism. There, I was a staff writer for CSUN’s Spanish-language online publication, El Nuevo Sol and wrote stories about the Latino community in Los Angeles. I’m currently a part-time freelance journalist and copywriter.

The greatest advantage I’ve attained living in Los Angeles for over 15 years is the ability to switch Spanish dialects. I can easily go from speaking in Rioplatense/Castilian Spanish to Latin American Spanish and this has helped me communicate with people from all over Central and South America!

As a former ESL student, I know that learning a new language takes time, effort, and practice. I believe active learning is important, especially for those trying to learn a new language. Being an active learning student will help you pick up the language faster and with ease. I’m excited to hear you speak and write in Spanish. ¡Nos vemos pronto!

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  • Degrees: Journalism/Spanish-language journalism

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Knitting,Listening to music

Learn more about Karen

  • What is your favorite word in your language and why?

    The verb "estar" (to be) is my favorite words in Spanish because it helps convey the fluid nature of human emotions and experiences, especially when dealing with things that are temporary, like feelings and locations. I even have it tattooed on my arm, which serves as a constant reminder of its significance in my life! In life, our feelings and situations are constantly changing. "Estar" captures this beautifully. When I say "estoy feliz" (I am happy), it reflects a moment of joy that might shift with time. Similarly, "estoy triste" (I am sad) acknowledges that sadness is a temporary state, not a permanent fixture. "Estar" is also used to describe temporary locations. For example, "estoy en casa" (I am at home) or "estoy en el trabajo" (I am at work) helps indicate where I am at a particular time. This emphasizes the transient nature of my whereabouts, acknowledging that my location is subject to change. Having it tattooed on my arm symbolizes my embrace of life's impermanence and the importance of living in the moment.

  • What is your favorite dish from your hometown? If you no longer live there is there a good local restaurant that serves it?

    It's hard to pick just one thing, but you can never go wrong with Argentinean choripan. It's essentially an Argentinean grilled chorizo sandwich in a baguette covered in chimichurri. Easy, simple, perfect. Ideally, you want to grill it yourself along with another types of Argentinean meats (a real Argentinean asada), but Gaucho Bites definitely hits out of the park.

  • Besides the languages you teach, do you speak or study any other languages?

    Ayo! (Yes in Armenian). I grew up in Argentina speaking a mix of Armenian and Spanish at home with my parents. As a child, I also went to a dual-immersion Armenian school in Buenos Aires. To this day, I tend to blend Armenian and Spanish in conversations with my family. Sometimes if we're around Spanish speakers, we only speak Armenian with each other and if we're around Armenian speakers we only speak in Spanish. It's like having a secret language party every day!

  • What are your interests outside of teaching at Strommen?

    My interests are always changing, keeping life fun and exciting! Right now, I'm all about crocheting and playing competitive pinball with my friends. However, you can always find me reading new memoirs, trying new restaurants, and indulging in all the reality shows on Bravo.

  • What do you consider your hometown? Why do you love it?

    Buenos Aires. The city is vibrant, full of life, and energy. I'm proud to be from Buenos Aires because of the passion of its people and the incredible food scene with delicious empanadas, facturas, asados, sandwiches de miga... I can go on. Plus, the city's history, stunning architecture, and welcoming community make it a special place to call home.

Tutor Testimonials

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    Purvisa Randeria
    My Spanish lessons with Karen bring me great joy. They are fun, totally customized for my learning interests and challenge my language skills at a high level.
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    Toni Bell
    Karen has been great, she’s easy to work with and I feel comfortable with the pace of learning without any pressure.
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    Samantha Sorosjinda
    I wanted to learn Spanish for years, and finally bit the bullet and signed up for a class with Karen from Strommen. It’s been a wonderful experience. Karen is a fantastic tutor, she makes the very daunting prospect of learning a new language seem possible and she’s making it fun. She’s personable and approachable and has a great teaching technique. I’m very happy with the services provided.

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In-person at your home or office $79.00/hr $69.00/hr — Package Price: $690.00 $59.00/hr — Package Price: $1,180.00

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