Bonjourno in Italian

What is the Meaning of the Italian word Bonjourno?

What is the meaning of the Italian word bonjourno?

First of all, you came to the right place if you are wondering what bonjourno means. Strømmen is a company of language experts, and if you would like to become one yourself, try out our online groups for $19/hr (we also have a sale going for private classes – try one for $14.)  We also have amazing Italian Resources like this VOCAB list. Buonjourno is actually not the correct spelling. It should use a “G” like Gelato – “Buon Giorno.”

Some people even ask:

“Is Bonjourno Italian or French?”

Well, if you mean Buongiorno, that is Italian, and Bonjour is French. Maybe that is why so many people seem to be confused. Bonjourno appears to be a mixture of French and Italian for the same expression = “Good day”

Bonjourno is actually spelled Buongiorno in Italian. The “GI” in italian is pronounced like the sound “JEE” in English. Therefore the spelling Bonjourno is essentially a phonetic spelling of:

BUONGIORNO (Not Bonjourno) =  GOOD DAY!

This word can be Brocken into 2 parts.



(again this is pronounced JOURNO – (Like the misspelled Bonjourno).

When do we use BuonGiorno in Italian?

Italians will use the expression Buongiorno in the morning when they say hi to the person preparing their coffee, or anyone else the wish to greet in a friendly manner.

For example: Buon Giorno, un caffe per favore (Good day/morning a coffee please) Buon giorno is usually used until nighttime.

Other expressions like Buongiorno:

Buona Mattina: Good Morning (People will often use buongiorno instead)

Buon Giorno: Good Morning/Day

Buon Pomeriggio: Good afternoon (Not used frequently)

Buona Sera: Good evening (used from late afternoon until time for bed)

Buona Notte: Good night! (This is used only when going to sleep)

There are some other common misspellings of the word, including bonjorno, bwonjorno, and buonjorno. Again, the correct spelling is Buongiorno (uo in Italian sounds like a w).

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