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French Baby Talk

Learn French Baby Talk – Langage enfantin en Français

If you are a true Francophile you will love learning French Baby Talk (Langage enfantin en Français). Besides being fun words to pronounce these will …

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person holding cheese burger

Do Europeans Gain Weight When They Move to The US? “The Foreigner Fifteen”

We have all heard of the freshmen 15, but have you heard of the foreigner 15? The classic American experience of moving out of your …

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Non touristy things to do in Rome

Things to do in Rome that are not Touristy

Looking for some activities in Rome that are not Touristy? Take a look at our list below:   1) Hotel Eitch Borromini rooftop bar that …

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brown dome concrete building near bridge at daytime

Garrett’s Favorite Spots – Best Restaurants and things to do in Rome Italy

After a wonderful trip to Rome over the holidays this page has been updated on 1/10/22 to account for restaurant closures, new additions and to …

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tips to fit in - tourists

5 Tips to fit in with locals: avoid the tourist lane

By following these 5 tips to fit in with the locals you can have a more authentic experience when traveling abroad. I call this: avoiding …

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5 thing you should never do in France

5 Things you should never do in France

Why make a list of things you should never do in France? The more I travel, the more I realize the importance of not being …

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Strømmen Reviews the Italian Accents in “House of Gucci” for

Last week asked Strømmen to watch a press screening of the new film “House of Gucci” to see who had the best and worst …

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person writing on brown wooden table near white ceramic mug


¡Hola, estudiantes de inglés! bienvenido a las 1000 palabras más comunes en inglés. ¿Buscas ser más conversador y abordar de manera efectiva una gran cantidad …

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1000 most frequently used English words


Hello English Learners! Looking to become more conversational and effectively tackle a lot of new vocabulary? Check out our post on the 1000 most common …

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white and red labeled box

Hack – How to renew an expired passport urgently in Los Angeles

So you just booked your first international flight since the pandemic started, and then you realize your passport is expired – how can you renew …

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What does Magari Mean in Italian

What does “Magari” Mean in English? A wonderful Italian Idiom.

One of the beautiful things about learning a new language is when you find a special word that doesn’t exist in your native language. These …

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white rabbit

“Reír con risa de conejo”- Spanish Idiom Meaning in English

What is an idiomatic expression anyway? It is a phrase that, when translated directly, doesn’t make sense in another language. For example “A dime a …

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