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french kids cartoons

The 12 Best French Cartoons for Kids to Learn French

Are you looking for the best French Kids Cartoons for your child to build essential vocabulary skills? Look no further. Watching French kids cartoons is …

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Things To Do in Mexico City

Things to do in Mexico City – tips a local: The best coffee, bars, restaurants, markets, and art galleries in Mexico City

This list of things to do in Mexico City came from one of our students that is from Mexico City. So if you are looking …

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best restaurants in mexico city

Best Restaurants in Mexico City (Ciudad de México)

Looking for the very best restaurants in Mexico City? We will keep this list short and sweet. We love to find the best local taco …

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French Idioms

The 20 Most Common French Idioms (Everyone Should Learn)

20 Most Common French Idioms French idioms are some of the most unique and colorful. As you’ve been learning the language, you’re sure to have …

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3000 English words

3000 most common words in English with Hindi, Chinese, Spanish, Italian, and Korean Translation

Find below our list of the 3000 Most common words in English along with translation into Hindi, Korean, Chinese, Spanish, French and Italian 3000 Most Common …

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French poems

The 10 Most Famous French Poems (With translation)

French poems! What better way to dive into the beauty of the language? Here we present you with 10 famous French poems, with their English …

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How The Brain Benefits from Being Bilingual (Infographic)

Being Bilingual is Good for your Brain. But will it counteract those years of binge drinking in college?   We all know that learning a …

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3000 english word list

English Words List – 3000 Most Common English Words

The 3000 Most common English words. With this list of the 3000 Most Common English words you you will be know almost %95 of the …

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1000 most frequently used English words

The 3000 Most Common English Words with Hindi Translation

With the 3000 Most commonly used English words you will have a fully functional vocabulary! Learn the 3000 Most commonly used English words. If you …

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What does “Avoir un cœur d’artichaut” mean in English? with Origin and examples

“Avoir un cœur d’artichaut” means “To be a hopeless romantic”. Although it literally means “to have the heart of an artichoke”! If someone is said to …

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order food in french at Parisian cafe

How to order food in French at a restaurant + French restaurant vocab

With summer and travel around the corner, it’s time to think of the essentials you will need on your next trip to France. And if …

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Spanish Reflexive Verbs

Spanish Reflexive Verbs – Easy Spanish Grammar for Beginners (A1)

¡Hola amigos! One of the first things I teach my Spanish students when going over verbs is reflexive verbs or ‘verbos reflexivos.’ After reading this …

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