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The Best Italian Books for Advanced Italian Students

Below is a list (that we update regularly) with our favorite books in Italian for Advanced-Intermediate Italian students. Literature and fiction in Italian is quite …

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Etre un bourreau des coeurs

Etre Bourreau des coeurs Meaning in English

What does it mean to be un vary Bourreau des coeurs? It literally means “to be a heart executioner” or in English a heart breaker, Casanova …

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How to make a free tutoring website (step by step with pictures)

Are you a private tutor looking to start your own business or get more clients, or do you simply want to make a nice landing …

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Business Tax Registration for Tutors Los Angeles

Los Angeles Tutors – How to register your business in Los Angeles with the Office of Finance and Register for a Business Tax Certificate

This article is intended to help tutors that work for themselves, and or with tutoring referral agencies register for the appropriate city business tax certificates. If …

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Best Al pastor Tacos in Los Angeles

Best Al Pastor Tacos in Los Angeles (and the curious history of Al Pastor Tacos)

So, who makes the best Al Pastor Tacos in LA? First of all, let’s discuss the history of Al Pastor Tacos. Like many things we …

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Can you learn a language using only Duolingo? I will try with Japanese

Hello and welcome to our language blog. I love using Duolingo to check out languages and learn a little here and there. I’ve used it …

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Italian Constitution in English

Italian Constitution in English (Reference)

Looking for an English translation of the Italian constitution? We noticed some errors in the official translation (translated to British English) and decided to upload …

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What is “Welcome to Favelas” on Instagram and how to find it?

A friend of mine was visiting from Rome, Italy last week and he gave me a few updates. First of all, he said that life …

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What does “Rosicare” mean in English?

Do you know the feeling of your favorite sports team losing? Or when you buy something and then you see it on sale the next …

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Como Boca De Lobo – Spanish Idiom Meaning In English

What does “Estar como boca de lobo” mean? It is a Spanish idiomatic expression that means “to be pitch black” or to be in trouble. …

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"Die Presswurst" German Idiom Meaning in English

“Die Presswurst” German Idiom Meaning in English

“Die Presswurst” is a German Idiom that means “a person who’s clothes fit too tight” From: Pressen = to squeeze, die wurst = the sausage …

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Un Coup d'épée dans l'eau - French Idiom meaning

Un Coup d’épée dans l’eau – French Idiom meaning

Un Coup d’épée dans l’eau means = A wasted effort The literal translation is “A sword blow into the water”           …

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