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type foreign accents on a MAC or PC

How do you type Foreign Accents on an American keyboard?

  So, how do you type foreign Accents on an American keyboard? You will notice many pesky accents in French, Italian, Spanish and more. On …

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Learning Languages Is Good for Your Brain Infographic

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language teaching and learning methodologies

A master list of language teaching (and learning) methodologies.

This page will be updated regularly. The language instructors at Strommen often have a preferred methodology, or use several methodologies depending on the needs of …

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Pagan origins of easter

Pagan origins of Easter – Spring Myths and Holidays in Human History

The pagan origins of easter: Spring Equinox, Hares, Eggs, Death, Rebirth. Easter falls around the spring equinox when the length of the nights in the …

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List of the most common Reflexive Verbs French Speakers use

Reflexive Verbs French Speakers Use The Most – Frequency Vocabulary List

Looking for a list of the Reflexive Verbs French people use the most? First let’s explain what Reflexive verbs are: Reflexive verbs, or ‘verbes pronominaux’ …

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Free translation for Ukrainian Refugees

Free Certified Translations for Ukrainian Refugees (USCIS)

STRØMMEN INC. IS GIVING BACK WITH FREE CERTIFIED USCIS TRANSLATIONS FOR UKRAINIAN REFUGEES. For verification of legitimacy of our website please see our profiles on: …

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The best restaurants in Trastevere – from a local Roman foodie (2022)

Looking for the most authentic, and best restaurants in Trastevere? This list was created as a supplement to our list of the best restaurants in …

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History of Valentine's Day

The History of Valentine’s Day – Happy Lupercalia!

The history of Valentine’s day was actually an attempt by the catholic church to end a popular pagan fertility ritual. The origin is actually more like …

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French Baby Talk

Learn French Baby Talk – Langage enfantin en Français

If you are a true Francophile you will love learning French Baby Talk (Langage enfantin en Français). Besides being fun words to pronounce these will …

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person holding cheese burger

Do Europeans Gain Weight When They Move to The US? “The Foreigner Fifteen”

We have all heard of the freshmen 15, but have you heard of the foreigner 15? The classic American experience of moving out of your …

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Non touristy things to do in Rome

Things to do in Rome that are not Touristy

Looking for some activities in Rome that are not Touristy? Take a look at our list below:   1) Hotel Eitch Borromini rooftop bar that …

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brown dome concrete building near bridge at daytime

Garrett’s Favorite Spots – Best Restaurants and things to do in Rome Italy

After a wonderful trip to Rome over the holidays this page has been updated on 1/10/22 to account for restaurant closures, new additions and to …

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