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Pashto Dialect Coach Los Angeles – Avoid a “Homeland” situation

Looking for a Pashto Dialect Coach in Los Angeles? You’ve found the right place. Strømmen has worked on many film and TV shows over the …

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"Hay Cuatro Gatos"

“Hay Cuatro Gatos”- Spanish Idiom Translation

What does “Hay Cuatro Gatos” mean in English ? This expression directly translates as “There are four cats.” This Spanish idiom is used to say …

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How to use Madres in Mexican Spanish Slang

Spanish Mexican Slang: How to use “Madre”

We are back to mentando madres here on the Strommen blog (read below to see what that means!). Madre is a word that you hear …

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green cactus plant under white sky during daytime

Mexican Slang: What does Chingar mean

One of the most frequently used words in Mexican Slang is Chingar. Now, if you are a kid, or you are not comfortable with bad …

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classic white and red coupe parked near brown house

Best Italian Textbooks

So you want to learn Italian? Looking for the best Italian textbook? Strømmen is here to help. Many students use free options like duolingo or …

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woman in white sweater and red pants holding black and white lollipop

3 Fun Ways to say “Bye” in French

Why settle for “Goodbye” when you can casually say “later.” Instead of “see you next time” you might informally say, “see you.” Some of the …

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sitting people on wooden chair in room

What does Geil mean in German? + other German Slang

Why learn German slang first? We can’t all put in the time it takes to get 100% fluent in a new language. Many of us …

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Certified Document Translation for Afghan Refugees (USCIS Certified)

THANK YOU. WITH YOUR HELP WE HAVE COMPLETED $10,000 OF FREE TRANSLATIONS FOR AFGHAN REFUGEES.   We are still accepting documents and will translate them …

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“Echar agua al mar” – Spanish Idiom Meaning in English

What does “Echar agua al mar” mean in English? Before explaining the meaning of this expression, it is important to have a good understanding of what …

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Italian vocab

1000 Most Common Italian Words – Frequency Vocabulary using the 80/20 principle

Ciao a tutti! Looking to become more conversational and effectively tackle a lot of new vocabulary? Check out our post on the 1000 Most Common …

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What does Guey mean in Spanish?

What does “Güey” mean in Mexican Spanish slang?

¡GÜEY! Do you know what Güey (pronounced Wey) means in Spanish? If not, read on… If saw one of our “Güey” stickers around town and …

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C'est un travail de Romain

“C’est un travail de Romain” – French Idiom translation

What does “C’est un travail de Romain” mean in English? The direct translation to this saying is “It’s a job for a Roman” Like many …

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