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What does “Rosicare” mean in English?

Do you know the feeling of your favorite sports team losing? Or when you buy something and then you see it on sale the next …

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Como Boca De Lobo – Spanish Idiom Meaning In English

What does “Estar como boca de lobo” mean? It is a Spanish idiomatic expression that means “to be pitch black” or to be in trouble. …

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"Die Presswurst" German Idiom Meaning in English

“Die Presswurst” German Idiom Meaning in English

“Die Presswurst” is a German Idiom that means “a person who’s clothes fit too tight” From: Pressen = to squeeze, die wurst = the sausage …

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Un Coup d'épée dans l'eau - French Idiom meaning

Un Coup d’épée dans l’eau – French Idiom meaning

Un Coup d’épée dans l’eau means = A wasted effort The literal translation is “A sword blow into the water”           …

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Spanish Idiom Estar en las nubes

Estar en Las Nubes – Spanish Idiom Meaning

“Estar en las Nubes” means = To be daydreaming The literal translation is to be in the clouds. Example in Spanish: ¿Qué va a hacer …

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Italian vocab

1000 Most Common Italian Words – Frequency Vocabulary using the 80/20 principle

Ciao a tutti! Looking to become more conversational and effectively tackle a lot of new vocabulary? Check out our post on the 1000 Most Common …

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Most common 100 words in Spanish

¡Hola a todos! When learning a new language the amount of vocabulary can be daunting. Have you heard people say things like: “We only use around …

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Miss traveling? Have an Italy-themed evening at home

In 2020 we all miss normalcy, and we are all getting big-time quarantine fatigue. We miss getting together with friends, going to a movie, going …

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funny bad translations

Funny translations collection #2

Translations are super important for reaching new markets or making sure that people understand vital safety messages. Nothing makes a product or company look more …

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Language Learning Netflix Hack

This Netflix hack will help you learn a language

We all know that the best way to learn a language is to take a time machine, visit your eight-year-old self and convince your parents …

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Strommen Teacher Spotlights – Emanuel

Emanuel is a German teacher and a journalist, he has lived in Saarbrücken, Frankfurt, Cologne, Hamburg and Berlin. Our teachers are the best and they deserve …

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50 English Idioms and why you shouldn’t use them! (Infographic)

What is an Idiom? Simply put, it is an expression that makes no sense when translated literally into another language. In our own language we …

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